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Jobs in Burj Al Arab Dubai

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Jobs in Burj Al Arab Dubai

Bur Al Arab is located in Dubai is the top most luxury hotel in Dubai, UAE. Burj Al Arab is the world fifth (5th) tallest hotel among all hotels in the world. The unique and the distinctive thing in Burj Al Arab is that Burj Al Arab is standing on an Artificial Island that is around 280 m Away from the jumeirah beach. The design or shape of the building is very unique. It is designed like a ship that is busy in it sail. On the top of Burj Al Arab there is a helipad at the height of 210 meters in distance from ground.

Jumeira group itself is the management of the hotel. Burj Al Arab has 28 stories floors that are doubled stories while it has around bedroom suites that are 202 while the smallest suit is around 169 m square and the largest is 780 sq ft.

Chinese market had made around 25 percent of all the bookings in the year 2011 and 2012 that means Burj al Arab is quite famous in the Chinese market.

The beach where the Jumeirah Beach restaurant and Burj Al Arab are located was previously called Miami Beach. The hotel is at distance of 280 M from the old Miami beach. The old name was removed after the construction of the new hotel and the name was announced by Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Makhtom.

The hotel is five star in Ranking whereas sometimes the hotel is referred as the seven start hotel. However, the hotel management says that we haven’t used the term 7-star in our advertising and haven’t used it for publicity purpose.

Jobs in Burj Al Arab Dubai:

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