Imran Khan First Address to Nation -

Imran Khan First Address to Nation

Posting Date: September 22, 2018
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Imran khan the new prime minster of Pakistan addressed to nation on Aug 20 2018. During his speech. Imran khan said I would like to thanks every person who helped me to reach me to this position and support me in a very tough time.

Imran Khan said where we are now and what are the issues and what are the challenges and what is the solution for it. Pakistan hasn’t such touch situations ever. For example Imran Khan said that upto 2013 all loans of Pakistan were 6,000 Arab Rupees but now it is 28,000 Arab. So you can say all the loans taken in the past 60 years in less than the past 10 years. So now the situation is, we are taking loans to fill the interest of our old loans.

The second thing Imran khan said about human development index; it means that how much a country is spending on their people. Pakistan is spending almost null on human development. Furthermore, Imran khan said that according to UNDP report, we are among those 5 countries whose children dies before the age of 5 because of drinking unhealthy water and Pakistan is among 5 those countries whose women dies during delivery. Besides, Pakistan is among those five countries with stunted growth disease and this because of lake of nutrition to our young kids. So, nether they develop mentally nor physically. Then Imran khan showed this with graphical form and said in this situation these kids will not be able to grow and will not compete with the world.  So Imran Khan said the reason I am telling all these things is to show people where we are now and where we will be in the next years.

Imran Khan said we have two ways to go, first one is our traditional way that we are following from begging that definitely no one will like to adopt and the other one is the way of change. We have to change ourselves, our behavior and our living lifestyle.

Imran Khan added the prime minster of Pakistan has 524 servants. One side the country is loaded from loans and other side see the lifestyle of ruling elites. A prime minister has 80 cars, in which 33 are bullet proof cars. While 2 bullet proof car has more than 5,0000,000 PKR of worth. Besides, a prime minster in Pakistan has a personal aero plane a helicopter while the house of prime minster is 1,100 Kanal. The ruling elite has governor houses on which the nation spend a lot of money on yearly basis. Our DCs our commissioner our chief ministers are living in large houses. One side a nation is loaded with loans and on another side see the lifestyle of the ruling elites.

Imran Khan said that if we didn’t change our behavior we will be destroyed soon as Allah says in Quran that Allah never changes a nation until they changed their selves. And the most important thing is to keep mercy for all those people who cannot afford even two times meal. Until we don’t thing about it we cannot change. Our 2,50,00000 children are not going to schools.

Imran khan stated that we have to follow our role model Hazmat Mohammad (PBUH). Then he described all the principles that Prophet Mohammad implemented to unite people in Arab and said we have to follow them in which the most important thing is to follow the law and to care of minority. Then he discussed progressive taxation in the western countries that the rich people give tax to support the poor people in terms of education, health etc.

The prime minster of Pakistan during his first address to nation also discussed about tourism, cleanliness and education etc.

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