Symptoms of HIV - How to Get rid of this -

symptoms of HIV

Symptoms of HIV – How to Get rid of this

Posting Date: September 1, 2018


HIV is caused by a virus that damage the immune system, particularly the CD4 cells; whereas, the CD4 cells play an important role to protect your body from illness. HIV virus is dangerous as it cannot be eliminated by the help of your immune system as your immune system fight against other kind of viruses.

The symptoms of HIV ads are different from person to person as two HIV ads patients are not identical. However, the most common symptoms are discussed below.


Acute illness

About 80% of people have get HIV virus possess symptoms like flu-like within 3 week maximum. This is also called acute HIV infection. This is the starting level of HIV and remains until the body fight against it through the antibodies.

Other symptoms of this stage of HIV include:

  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Body rash

Rare symptoms of HIV may include:

  • Night sweat
  • Aches in muscles
  • Pains in joints
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

The above discussed symptoms may remain up to two weeks. Anyone who thinks that he has the above symptoms may book an appointment with doctor to get a test on time.

Symptoms specific to men

All the HIV symptoms in men and women are almost the same.

HIV may cause men to make poor sex hormones production. However, this effect on men can be easily be seen as compared to women. Another symptom may include the erectile dysfunction.

Asymptomatic period

When the above symptoms disappeared in men, the patients will not see any symptom for years on may be months. After sometime the virus become activated and start to make the immune system weak.  The virus is still active but the person will not see or feel sick. The virus can easily be transmitted from one person to another. So, this is recommended for everyone to do the initial tests even if they are feeling fine.

Advanced infection

In this stage the HIV may break the immune system of a man although it may take some time. After this HIV will enter in the stage 3 and it is called Ads. Ads is the final stage of the disease. At this time the patient has extremely damaged immune system.

Opportunistic infections: in this condition the body would be able to fight against it but this is harmful to those who are suffering from the HIV. People with HIV infections might have notice the following symptoms like flue, colds, and fungal infections. The other following symptoms they might have experience as well, like Vomiting, nausea, shortness of breath, cough, memory loss, neurological disorders and confusion, swelling of nodes in neck etc.

How to Cure it?

HIV cure is almost impossible, however, early treatment can slow-down the spreading of the diseases.

According to a report, people infected by HIV can reach to the normal life expectancy, provided they start treatment on time before the immune system gets damaged. However, the most important thing to get rid of HIV ads is to use of condoms for vaginal and anal sex. Moreover, avoid use of intravenous drugs.

This is recommended to test HIV when you observe the symptoms of HIV before the immune system is badly damaged.


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