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Uric Acid Foods to Avoid

What is Urid Acid or gout and what are Uric Acid food? Uric acid is being made by different kind of plant and animal based foods. What is the basic functionality of human kidney? Kidney extracts uric

Protein Powder Advantages and Disadvantages

Protein powder or protein shakes are some dietary supplement that are usually used to gain weight, improve athletic performance and for quick impacts in muscle building after a huge workout. You can get protein powder or pre

Symptoms of HIV – How to Get rid of this

Overview HIV is caused by a virus that damage the immune system, particularly the CD4 cells; whereas, the CD4 cells play an important role to protect your body from illness. HIV virus is dangerous as it cannot

Benefits of Green Tea

You might don’t know some of the great benefits of green tea that can help you to live long and promotes better health. We have summarized some of the advantages of green tea. Green tea had been

Benefits of Dates

Amazing Benefits of Dates There are a lot of benefits of dates; however the most important are anemia, intestinal problems, sexual dysfunction, cancer and diarrhea etc. Dates also help you to gain healthy weight. Dates are rich