Housekeeping jobs in Dubai

Housekeeping jobs in Dubai

For some people, it is their luxurious lifestyle, while others either do not have time or energy to manage their house. This is why people hire housekeepers in Dubai.

Eligibility criteria for getting Housekeeping jobs in Dubai

  • The individual must know about using all the appliances required for housekeeping.
  • The individual must be excellent in adding attention to detail.
  • The individual must have a high school diploma.

The benefits of Housekeeping jobs in Dubai

Getting a housekeeper job in Dubai has great benefits. Some of them are discussed here.

  • Paid vacations: When you work as a housekeeper, there are a lot of benefits that you can get. One of the best is that you get paid vacations. These vacations are only given for a specific time after a certain amount of services.
  • A great way to make your career: For some people, this is only a way to make money, but this is a job that can help you in making your career. This is because when you are working as a housekeeper, you have to deal with a lot of daily challenges. This can be taken as a great amount of experience. By mentioning this experience in your resume, you can get better jobs in better places.
  • This job will teach you many management skills: When you work as a housekeeper, you have some tasks that you have to deal with daily while some of them are new challenges. As most of them are unexpected, you still have to manage them. While working, you can learn a lot from your head or the housemaid. Altogether, this job will not only pay you, but it will also teach you a lot of management skills indirectly.

Housekeeping is a job that requires you to be active, precise, and passionate about your work. You can apply for this if you are able to cope up with the needs of the job.

Housekeeping jobs in Dubai (New updates)

Cook & Housemaid (4.Nos)

1) Tea Maker (Indian / Pakistani)
2) Male Cook (Indian)
3) Housemaid (Indonesian)
4) Housemaid (Filipina)

Sector: Hotel
Location: Dubai

Call on 050 7555101/042566665
Job Publishing Date: 29th November 2020

Masseur & Housekeeper (2.Nos)

1) Masseur
2) Female Housekeeper

Sector: Arab Family
Location: Dubai
Experience: Experienced Filipino Couple

Send Resume at Email:
WhatsApp: +971569238792
Job Publishing Date: 26th November 2020

Housekeeping & Office Boy

1) Female Supervisor Housekeeping
2) Office Boy


Organization: Zaabeel Palace UAE
Career Location: Dubai
Sector: Hospitality

Send Resume at Email:
Publishing Date: 5th Nov 2020

Full-time Housemaid

Sector: Indian family
Location: Dubai
Language: Good spoken English

  • Light cooking
  • Food preparation skills
  • Cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Household


Contact us on: +971553899292
Job Publishing date: 12th October 2020

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