Civil Site Engineer Jobs in Dubai -

Civil Site Engineer Jobs in Dubai

Posting Date: April 1, 2019

Civil Site Engineer Jobs in Dubai

Work Location : Dubai

Construction industry

Required experience: 2 years minimum



The applicant must be able to ensure the correct leveling and setting in terms of specifications and drawings. Moreover, he need to ensure himself regarding the post holder area is updated.

Have expertise to review and check the Engineer/Architect / Sub Contractors drawings to make sure integration and coordination. Must make sure the testing and quality control and material are arranged according to the requirements and specifications.

Must be capable to handle and ensure that the all the tasks are within the boundary of construction program

Must be able to fulfill the temporary works role in case when needed

To advice, supervise and direct the supervisor regarding the daily operations related to sub-contractors in the time when needed.

Must be able to link with the local authorities when needed to make sure everything is regarding the location regulations of construction.

Fulfilling the role of mentor when needed


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or call: 042684842




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