Resume Writing Tips to Easily Get Jobs in Dubai UAE -

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Resume Writing Tips to Easily Get Jobs in Dubai UAE

Resume Writing Tips to Easily Get Jobs in Dubai UAE

As you might know Dubai one of the top ten most attractive destinations for job seekers, to get a job in Dubai. May be you are looking for some resume writing tips as well. Indeed, resume writing is the most significant, noteworthy and important. To write the best resume, it might be one of the difficult job to do but this is one of the keys to step into a professional phase or to take a step in your existing career. Most of the people who are educated but still can’t write an appealing resume. In fact, writing a resume is not a tough job and a bad resume may cause losing a very good opportunity from your hands. However, you can get a perfect resume if you follow these guidelines.

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Try to be specific and include whatever is required for the job posting and do not include everything to increase the rating of your resume.

Objective: Your objective should be very easy and clear. Do not put a general objective; just focus on to whatever you are applying.

Education: In the education part, write down your professional degree and then certificates and diplomas.

Experience: Put the related experience on the top of the experience portion and not need to write the experience that is not related to the position for which you are applying.

Contact Information: Try to put your email short as possible and put a mobile number that is active almost all the time. Moreover, also mention status of your VISA.


Use decent tone in your resume otherwise it will cause your resume rejected.

Do not neglect your strengths but write down them in a prominent way.

On the top of the resume, clearly mention that why the employer should hire you. Do not mention incorrect things in your resume otherwise, the employer can ask some practical or theoretical things about whatever you have mentioned.

The cover letter: Represent it in a very confident way and this is the most important quality of your cover letter. Try to use words like “I can”, “I can prove myself to be an asset”, these words represent your confidence and that every employer wants. In short words, do not convert your tone to an arrogant way and do not try to build castles in air about your abilities and write about your real life situations.

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If you will follow the above guidelines, you will definitely get an interview call for the position you have applied. Preparation for an interview is another subject and we will try to put light on it in our other article. However, you can search in internet as well.

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