When you visit our website, we do not collect any of your personal information unless you decide to give the information to us. When you visit our website and browse our website and downloading something or reading pages the browser will collect certain information about your visit which will not show your personality. The motive of gathering such information is just to keep our self-updated from the performance of our website and to do the necessary changes/improvements where necessary.



By default, all the web servers have the functionality to collect the IP addresses. We may use your IP address just to troubleshoot problems related to server like to identify the unauthorized attempts to change or uploading information or cause damage.



The information you provide (for example your name, email and resume) while applying for a job is directly sent to the employer.



In our website, meanwhile we don’t have any online purchasing option, but in case of any online transaction, we provide the most secure experience as we are using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This means that all the information including debit card/ credit card is secured from your computer to our server and making it impossible for hackers to take the private information.
Uploading unauthorized information to our site is not allowed and for doing so will be punishable by law



The basic privacy policy will be the same like not to accessing user’s private data but some other changes might be amended from time to time. So this is recommended to visit our website to keep informed about it.