If you are looking to start your working career in west zone supermarket then you should be looking for west zone supermarket job vacancies in UAE. West zone supermarket is the leading supermarket group in UAE. They keep on hiring for new employees and you can search for west zone supermarket job vacancies to find the west zone supermarket job that suits you the best.

Name of the Supermarket  West Zone Supermarket
Location Dubai
Education Equivalent Degree/Diploma
Experience Required
Benefits Included
Salary Will be discussed later
Posted Date 12th March 2024

West Zone Supermarket Job Vacancies

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Here is the list of almost all the jobs and categories for which you can apply at the west zone supermarket job vacancies in UAE.

  • Store Manager
  • Assistant store manager
  • Department heads
  • supervisor
  • Team leaders
  • supervisors
  • General staff

Store Managers: This can be considered as the best job out of all the west zone supermarket job vacancies vacancy in Dubai. Indeed, this job requires the person who can take responsibility of managing the whole store. He is the head of all the departments` heads. Moreover, store manager is the connection between the staff and the higher authorities, and he is questionable from the higher authorities about something happens.

Assistant Store Managers: This job is on the lower level of the store manager. The job is a little bit difficult than the store manager, but most things are same. There is a lot more interaction with the lower level employees and there is a lot lesser interaction with the upper authorities. The person appointed as the assistant store manager will work to make all the departments in a good coordination and he or she will also be giving reports to the store manager.

Department Heads: The next type of job is the for the head of departments. There are various departments working in a single supermarket like grocery department, meat department, bakery department, technical department, IT. department and many more. The job of head of departments is to assign the tasks to all the employees working under their respective departments.

Team Leaders: In each department, there are different teams working on different tasks. So, each team needs a leader who will lead his team. The main job of team leader is to keep the whole team working together for the best results of the tasks assigned and the leader also has to report their progress to the higher employees.

Supervisors: So, the supervisors are working same as the team leaders, but the difference is that they work differently as compared to the team leaders. The biggest difference is the size of teams. Their main job is to supervise the work of their team and instruct each employee according to his or her job.

Cashiers: This category includes staff members which are responsible for payments of products which are bought by people and packing them in bags. They also check for the payment status of the customers when they are leaving to make sure that no body leaves without paying the amounts for the things that he or she bought.

General Staff: The most basic category for the employees in the west zone supermarket jobs is the category of basic staff. These are the lowest level employees. This category includes people like:

  • Security guards
  • Cleaners
  • Clerks
  • People who are responsible for stacking products in racks.

These people are instructed by their respective team leaders and they work according to the instructions provided. Checkout staff and cashiers can also be included in this category.

HR Supervisor: Their job is to do all the things related to the recruiting, interviewing and hiring of new staff who have applied for west zone supermarket jobs. They also plan, direct and coordinate the administrative functions of the organization. After doing the interviewing part, they consult with the upper authorities and then new employees are hired.

To wrap things up, we can say that if you are in search of west zone supermarket job vacancies then you should search for all these jabs which are listed above for west zone supermarket job vacancies vacancy in Dubai. It is clear that for each one of these jobs different requirements are needed to be fulfilled. Keep visiting UAEHelper.com for more latest jobs in Dubai.

Vacancies in West Zone Supermarket (new openings)

Draughtsman (with 5 years UAE experience is mandatory)Dubai
Mechanical EngineerDubai
Electrical EngineerDubai
Civil EngineerDubai


How to Apply?

Send your latest CV to the following email address: hr.wzbc@westzone.com


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