Emirates NBD Careers UAE – Latest Job Careers for Banking Staff

Emirates NBD stands for Emirates Notional Dubai Bank. Being a bank. It offers job opportunities for many professional personals who have the proper qualification of the field. You can also apply to emirates NBD careers network for your next job at emirates NBD. There are numerous jobs which you can apply for. Some of the most popular designations are discussed in detail here which are:

  • Financial analyst
  • Professional financial advisers
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Collectors
  • Bank tellers
  • Treasurers
  • General staff

Vacancies Available now in Emirates NBD:

Emirates NBD Careers UAE - Latest Job Careers for Banking Staff

List of Vacancies in Emirates NBD (New Updates)

Position TitleJob LocationApply Link
Processing AdministratorDubaiApply
Network Security Sr. Platform OwnerDubaiApply
Recovery ManagerDubaiApply
Risk & Compliance Vice PresidentDubaiApply

Most Popular Vacancies in Emirates NBD

1) Financial Analyst

This is the person in a bank who guides businessmen to make their investment decisions. The most preferred applications are master’s degree with chartered financial analyst credential.

2) Professional Financial Advisers

For this job, a minimum of bachelor’s degree is required. The person who is appointed for this job has to guide individuals that how they can make most out of their money and how can they meet their short-term goals along with their long-term goals like those after retirement.

3) Accountants

You can apply for this job with a Bachelor’s degree but a Master’s degree will be preferred. The main task of this job is to analyze, plan and evaluate the business expenses and income. This is the most well-known job of the field. Sometimes a CPA license is required to be fit in the eligibility criteria.

4) Auditors

Their main job in emirates NBD careers network is to check and review the accounting records on behalf of the clients where they usually look for losses.

5) Collectors

This is the most hard-working job that you can find in a bank as from the start of the day, you will have to collect the bills and invoices. They also have to keep track of the cash along with the past due date receipts of the bills payed. This is tou the most well reputed job in a bank, but you can get this join only with a high school diploma regarding to the field. A bachelor`s degree will be welcomed more.

6) Bank Tellers

Whenever someone enters a bank, the first person that they will see is the bank teller. Their job is to teller cash checks, account deposits and process account withdrawals. You can apply for this job only with a high school diploma but if you apply with a bachelor’s degree then you will be more welcomed.

7) Treasurers

This person is responsible for maintaining the organization’s finances. The person checks the organizations budget and checks for the investments strategies and major expenses. This is the job in a bank which requires most qualification. You will be preferred if you are a Ph.D. in the respective field. Master’s degree holders can also do the job, but the supreme experience of a Ph.D. is more valuable for this designation.

8) General Staff

If you are passionate about getting your emirates NBD careers started, you can also choose to go for the job of a general staff member which will not require any higher educational degree but it will surely make you a part of the emirate NBD careers network. This includes the computer operators, call center operator or phone banker of a bank. If you are under-qualified for all of this, then you can select to go for the job in cleaner team or a clerk maybe.


In order to finish things, we can say that if you want to start your emirates NBD careers Dubai, then you will have all these options from which you can select any one and apply for that one. While selecting the job for applying, you need to make sure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria of emirates NBD careers. Now you might be thing that the higher posts were not discussed here.

The reason behind this is that you cannot apply for the higher posts as a new applicant. First you will need to serve for some time then keeping your services in mind, you can ask for promotion and then you can be promoted to the higher post in emirates NBD careers Dubai.

Emirates NBD Careers UAE - Latest Job Careers for Banking Staff

Emirates NBD Careers UAE – Latest Job Careers

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