Cook/Chef Jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Ajman

Vacancies are available for people who identify or want to identify as chefs or cooks in Dubai. You will be required to cook for customers – both public and private – which can take any number of hours per day.

chef cook jobs in Dubai

Eligibility Criteria

Here are some basic requirements you may need to know about:

  • Must know how to handle the heat of the kitchen for hours.
  • Have already had a level of experience cooking.
  • Have the ability to multitask

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Benefits of becoming a Chef/Cook in Dubai

Other than having a respectable job, here are some other benefits of subscribing to chef/cook jobs in Dubai:

  • Pays as good as your skills

Being a chef means that you will have to cook food for people. The better the food you make, the more the people will be inclined to try your cooking. You will be paid according to your skillset. If you manage to improve your skill set, you will be given a better pay accordingly.

  • Freedom to do your job

As a chef, there will be little restrictions as long as you follow all health criteria and make edible food. Not many jobs offer the same level of freedom that being a chef does. Being a cook is more than doing a job. It is creating art, over and over again, each day till perfection.

  • You will always learn something

Food is not something that you can completely learn to cook, no matter how many years you take to learn this craft. There is always something new that you will learn each day. If you have a mindset where you will want to learn new things about your craft, much more than your peers, becoming a chef or a cook in Dubai might be the next best thing you will need.

You can apply on latest chef/cook jobs in Dubai, you can learn about new cultures and food and show your skills to people from around the world.

Chef/ Cook Jobs in Dubai (new openings)

House Cook and Baker (2 Nos.)

Sector: a local family
Job Type: Full-time – experienced

Contact: 056-9928267
Send Resume at Email:
Job Publishing Date: 20th January 2021

Kitchen Staff for Family (3.Nos)

1) Cook
2) Asst. Cook
3) Cook Helper

Sector: family
: Indian, 2-3 yrs. GCC

Contact: 050-9062621/ 050-6688449
Job Publishing Date: 15th January 2021

Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

1) Assistant Cook

Sector: restaurant
Location: Abu Dhabi
Experience: Minimum of 3 years

Whatsapp: 052-3426792
Job Publishing Date: 09th January 2021

Restaurant Cook (2 Nos.)

1) South Sc. North
Specialist: Indian Food Master Cook;

2) Cook
Specialist: Mandl, Madhbi, Arabic Food, Tandoori, and Grills

Sector: restaurant
Whatsapp: 050-7724616.
Job Publishing Date: 09th January 2021

Reputed Restaurant in Dubai (3 Nos.)

1) Juice Maker – 1200 Dirham
Shawarma Maker – 1200 Dirham
Waiter – 1000 Dirham

Sector: restaurant
Location: Dubai
Preferably Indian nationality
Accomm + Food & Visa
Whatsapp: 056-3731898

Send Resume to Email:
Job Publishing Date: 07th January 2020

Catering & Restaurant Staff require (12 Nos.)

1) Cooks (Continental / Asian / Arabic)
2) Diet Cook (Healthcare)
3) Assistant Cooks
4) Storekeepers
5) Pastry / Bakery Man
6) Chapati / Paratha Maker
7) Sandwich Maker
8) Barista
9) Cashiers
10) Waiters / Waitresses
11) Salad Makers
12) Butchers

Sector: Multinational Facilities Management
: Hotel & Banqueting /Catering / Food CM let
4-10 years of work experience
: Available Immediately

Send Resume to Email:
Job Publishing Date: 06th January 2020

Catering Company Required (6 Nos.)

1) Kitchen Supervisors
2) F&B Supervisors
3) Breakfast Cook
4) Storekeeper
5) Bakery Man (Pastry)
6) Housekeeping Supervisors

Send Resume at Email:
Job Publishing Date: 3rd January 2021

Filipino Food Restaurant (7 Nos.)

1) Waiters
2) Waitress
3) Safety Officer
4) Food Steamer Machine User
5) Commis Iii
6) Commis Iii (Pastry)
7) Waitress cum Cashier

Send Resume at Email:
Job Publishing Date: 1st January 2021


Experience: Coffee Shop Expertise
Requirement: Fluent in English speaking
Monthly Salary: 2000 to 2500 Dirhams
Benefits: Accommodation

Send Resume at Email:
Job Publishing Date: 30th December 2020

Required For an Arab Family (2 Nos.)

1) Cook
Experience: Must have in Arabic Food

2) Female Driver
Location: Ajman

Call: 056-7166603
Job Publishing Date: 28th December 2020

International Restaurants Require (4 Nos.)

1) Chief Steward
2) Chef de Porde
3) Sales Lady
4) Supervisor

Sector: restaurants
Location: Abu Dhabi
Preferred Arab national

Call: 054-4931441
Job Publishing Date: 27th December 2020

Cafe Staff Require (6 Nos.)

1) BDM (Female)
Waitresses – 5 Nos.

Sector: Cafe
Location: Dubai
Contact: 054-4227891

Send Resume at Email:
Job Publishing Date: 27th December 2020

Urgently Require Staff  (Indian & Arabic Restaurant)

1) Restaurant Supervisor
2) Cook (South Indian, Arabic, Chinese)
3) Parota & Dosa Maker

Sector: Indian & Arabic Restaurant
Location: RAK
Requirement: Indian and Nepalese
Contact: 0561184499

Send Resume at
Job Publishing Date: 20th December 2020

Driver & Chef (2 Nos.)

1) Chef
Experience: Preparing Arabic Foods
Emirati & Continental cuisine
Knowledge: Abe to Prepare all kinds of sweets.

2) Light Vehicle Driver
Experience: Driving
License: UAE D/L. Must

Sector: a local family
Jumeirah, Dubai

Contact: 04-2957624/04-2959251
Job Publishing Date: 19th December 2020

Medical Wellness Centre (2 Nos.)

1) Driver Speaking Malayalam
2) Cook (Cooking Kerala)

Call: 056-8380902
Send Resume at Email:
Job Publishing Date: 16th December 2020

Cashiers & Waiters

1) Cashiers
2) Waiters
3) Restaurant Supervisor

Location: Dubai
Sector: Reputed Restaurant
Monthly Salary: Attractive
Benefits: Food and Accommodation

Send Resume at Email:
Job Publishing Date: 4th December 2020

Driver & Cook (3.Nos)

Gender: Male
Centre: An Ayurvedic Wellness
Location: Dubai

Send Resume at Email:
Job Publishing Date: 3rd December 2020

Cook & Dishwashers 

1) Cook
Experience: 5 Years In The Gulf
Skills: Work Under Pressure & Long Hours Shifts
2) Staff for Dishwashing

Sector: Arabic Restaurant
Location: Abu Dhabi

Call or WhatsApp: #058-5731840
Job Publishing Date: 1st December 2020

Cook & Housemaid (4.Nos)

1) Tea Maker (Indian / Pakistani)
2) Male Cook (Indian)
3) Housemaid (Indonesian)
4) Housemaid (Filipina)

Sector: Hotel
Location: Dubai

Call on 050 7555101/042566665
Job Publishing Date: 29th November 2020

Indian Cook (4.Nos)

Location: Dubai
Sector: Reputed Restaurant
Experience: 5-10 years
Knowledge: North, South Indian, and Chinese menus cooking
Monthly Salary: Attractive
Benefits: Food and Accommodation

Send Resume at Email:
Job Publishing Date: 23rd November 2020

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