Technician Jobs in UAE

Technician jobs are always required by local and commercial people. These jobs can vary according to different skills. It means for a technician job; you can hire an AC mechanic or an electric appliance mechanic also.

Technician jobs in UAE are in high demand. You can get these jobs and earn well. There are different companies that need long term technicians and they have the vacant positions for technician jobs.

Who Can Get Technician jobs?
You need to know any technical skill in the first phase. If you know any technical skill which you can offer professionally. You can apply for technician jobs.

  • Certification of relevant skills is required by some companies.
  • Certain companies ask for diplomas also.
  • Your experience is also considered while hiring you for the job.
  • Your ability to be able to solve problems in emergency situations play a key role too.

You should be a good analyzer also. Apart from your technical skills, you should understand what should be the best technique to solve the issue in a quick time

What is the current situation of Technician jobs in UAE?
Technician jobs are required by companies. There are a lot of people applying for these technician jobs in UAE. Companies do look for people who can understand the values of the company and work for long term basis. It is important to understand the reputation of the company. So, if you can offer your technical skills, you can apply for technician jobs and they can serve you well for a bright future.

What is the future of Technician jobs?
Technician jobs demand is good but you should also keep improving your skills and look to go to better companies. Technicians salaries are good also. You should figure out a good and safe company to work in.

If you are in the UAE with a high-level technician skill, you should apply for Technician jobs.

Technician Jobs in the UAE:


Company: Dussmann Gulf LLC
Work Location: Dubai
Qualification: Degree/Diploma (Equivalent)
Experience: Must have (1-2 years) gulf experience
Visa Required: Visit/Cancelled Visa

Send CV Email: [email protected]
Job Publishing Date: 20th January 2022

MEP Supervisor & Technicians (6 Nos.)

1) MEP Supervisor
3) Lead MEP Technician (with D/L)
2) Lead Electrical Technician
5) Lead HVAC/Chiller Technician
4) Lead BMS Technician
6) Lead Plumber

Company: Imdaad Facilities Management
Work Location:
Nationality: open
Qualification: degree/diploma (Equivalent)
Experience: Applicant must have Previous GCC/UAE experience
Preferred: Cancelled/Visit Visa holders
Joining: Must be inside in UAE (immediately Joining)

Walk-In-Interview Time and Date
: 22nd January 2022 – Saturday
Time: 10:00am to 03:00pm
Location: X4X3+JMM, Imdaad Manzali Camp, Jebel Ali Industrial, Dubai

Engineers & Technicians Job Career (Multiple Vacancies)

1) Engineering Coordinator
2) Electricians
3) BMS Operators
4) Plumbers
5) General Technicians
6) FCR Operators
7) Engineering Helper

Company: City Seasons Hotels
Work Location:
Nationality: open
Qualification: degree/diploma (Equivalent)
Experience: Applicant must have 1 to 2 years Previous relevant experience
Language Required: English

Walk-In-Interview Time and Date
: 26th January 2022 – Wednesday
Time: 10:00am to 04:00pm
Location: Mezzanine Floor, Al Nawras Hall, City Seasons Dubai Hotel, Dubai (Port Saeed)

Deyaar Facilities Management LLC (4 Nos.)

1) Refrigeration Technician
2) Multi Technician
3) Mechanical Technician
4) Specialized System Supervisor

Company: Deyaar Facilities
Job Type:
Full time (Male/Female)
Facilities Management 3-5 years of UAE experience
Language: English & Hindi
Send CV Email: [email protected]

Job Publishing Date: 13th January 2022

Electrical & Mechanical Technicians (26 Nos.)

1) VRF System Technician – (2 Nos.)

2) Mechanical Foreman (2 Nos.)
Knowledge: Baggage Handling System on Airport

3) Electrical Foreman (2 Nos.)
Knowledge: Baggage Handling System on Airport

4) Mechanical Technician (10 Nos.)
Knowledge: Baggage Handling System on Airport

5) Electrical Technician (10 Nos.)
Knowledge: Baggage Handling System on Airport

Company: OOMMAA Group of Companies
Work Location:
Nationality: Open (full time)
Mandatory: Cancelled & Visits Visa holders only
Qualification: Degree/Diploma (Equivalent)
Experience: relevant will be preferred
Medical Insurance
Other Benefits

Walk-In-Interview Time and Date
Date: 11th to 15th January 2022
Time: 09:00am to 05:00pm
Location: Coastal Building, Office #103, Al Qusais 2, Sharjah Islamic Bank Building, Dubai.
Send CV Email: [email protected]/ 056 7788786 (Whatsapp)
Kindly Email & Whatsapp CV


Maintenance Firm (Multiple Vacancies)

1) Air Condition Technician
2) Carpenters (with Gypsum Board experience)
3) Plumbers
4) Painters
5) Electricians

Company: General Maintenance Contracting Firm
Work Location:
Abu Dhabi
Send CV Email: [email protected]
Job Publishing Date: 8th January 2022

QA/QC Engineer & MEP Technician (10 Nos.)

1) QA QC Engineer
Qualification: relevant Engineering qualification
Experience: 5+ years of experience in facilities management

2) MEP Supervisor (2 Nos.)
Qualification: Mechanical / Electrical Engineering (Diploma or Degree)
Experience: 3+ Years of experience as a  supervisory in housekeeping / cleaning sector

3) Facility Foreman
Qualification: Diploma or relevant educational
Experience: 3+ Years of experience in supervisory role

4) MEP Technician (6 Nos.)
Qualification: Mechanical / Electrical or ITI (Diploma or Degree)
Experience: 3+ years of relevant experience in UAE

Company: AG Facilities & Contracting MBM
Apply Before 10th January 2022
Send CV Email: [email protected]

Job Publishing Date: 08th January 2022

Supervisors & Technicians Job Career (15 Nos.)

1) Head Laundry Supervisor
2) Maintenance Supervisor
3) Bus/Light Vehicle Driver
4) Waiter
5) Mason
6) Electrician
7) Plumber
8) Carpenter
9) Painter
10) Head Housekeeper
11) Room Attendant/Cleaner
12) General Technician

Company: Kelvin Catering Services LLC
Facilities Management Company
Work Location: Abu Dhabi
Qualification: Equivalent degree/diploma holders
Experience: Must be in the Hospitality sector
Joining: immediately (must be available in UAE)

Walk-In-Interview Time and Date
Date: 10th January to 12th January 2022
Time: 10:00am to 03:00pm
Location: 14th Floor, Sodexo | Kelvin, Salam Street, Business Avenue Tower, Abu Dhabi.
Send CV Email: [email protected]

AG Facilities & Contracting MBM (43 Nos.)

1)  AC Technicians – 4 Nos.
2) HVAC Technicians – 2 Nos.
3) Senior Electricians – 2 Nos.
4) Electricians – 4 Nos.
5) Plumbers – 2 Nos.
6) Swimming Pool Technician – 1 Nos.
7) Services Support Technicians – 2 Nos.
8) Carpenters – 4 Nos.
9) Electrical Helpers – 4 Nos.
10) Masons – 6 Nos.
11) Scissor Lift Operator – Cleaning TL – 1 Nos.
12) Cable Jointer – 1 Nos.
13) Store Assistant – 1 Nos.
14) Cleaning Team Leaders – 10 Nos.

Requirement: 2 years of experience in building maintenance OR facilities management industry.
Note: Apply Before 10th January 2022
Send CV Email: [email protected]

Job Publishing Date: 06th January 2022

Automotive Workshop – Sharjah (5 Nos.)

1) Automotive Workshop Manager
2) Mechanical Foreman
3) Automotive Electrician
4) Estimator / Service Advisor
5) Merchandisers.

Send CV Email: [email protected]
Job Publishing Date: 04th January 2022

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