Dubai Expo 2020 - Industries that are hiring in expo 2020 -

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Dubai Expo 2020 - Industries that are hiring in expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 – Industries that are hiring in expo 2020

Expo 2020: Which industries are hiring

Excited about knowing which firms are hiring in Expo 2020? We have gathered information for you that will help you out to know which industries are contributing in Expo 2020 and will offer to hire. Indeed, the reason for organizing expo 2020 is to bring the talented people in the team and to bring the hidden talent of the people in front of people.

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Industries that are hiring in expo 2020

Expo 2020 is going to be held in Dubai. In this expo, people will get job opportunities in different fields like human resource, manufacturing and in the field of IT etc.

The things to focus on expo 2020 are:

  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Transportation

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What are the industries of interest in Expo 2020?

Manager Job opportunity

Global Best Practice Program is holding the opportunity of manager for the people.  In this program, the international participant department is responsible to manage the participation of active participants.  The manager should be able to manage the entire program effectively. He must know how to collaborate with the senior manager and how to act on sudden situations. If you want to work as a manager in this global program, you must know how to run the calls for proposals and how to submit their results.

Administrator of cleaning and waste

The main role of this post is to handle the service planning related to cleaning and waste. If you are going to apply for this job make sure you have enough experience to provide a clean functional area. You must know how to integrate with the other cleaning functional areas. You must have enough skills to deal with external stakeholders.


Duty officer

At expo 2020, another amazing opportunity for job seekers is the job of the duty officer. All the security control measures should handle by the duty officer. If you want to apply for this job, make sure you have enough skills to meet with the security standards. After the hiring, you must work for almost more than eight hours a day.

Duty officer should not be selfish. He should work for the well-being of the visitors. He should know about the locations and roads and the point of contracts. He must know all the procedures for every initiative and must follow them.

Document controller

Another opportunity for the people at the expo is documented controller but before applying for a particular job, you must know about your responsibilities.

  • You must have enough skills to build long-lasting relationships with the visitors and as well as with the internal stakeholders
  • You must know how to control all the documents effectively
  • You must know all the scenarios and must aware of the department with the current situation of the documents
  • You should perform all the duties in the best possible way that are described by the line manager

Senior manager

Expo 2020 also has a fantastic opportunity for you that is: working as a senior manager. All of us know, no opportunity can be better than this. Make sure you have enough skills to manage the DGO internal tools effectively. You must know how to align the tasks and perform them efficiently. You must have enough skills to handle the internal and external stakeholders. You should not get confused if you will get a chance to work with the number of stakeholders.

These all are the best opportunities to focus in Expo 2020 and in our belief, these opportunities are more than enough and are the prominent source of enhancing the industry of Dubai. Other jobs may include working as assistant manager, coordinator and for much more fields.

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