Job Market in UAE - Key Industries -

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Job Market in UAE - Key Industries

Job Market in UAE – Key Industries

The UAE is famous for its two primary cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Indeed, Dubai is one of the best cities in the Middle East. The city is also called the golden city. It has a mixed culture because of different people and communities. You can find here people of different languages, nationalities but they are here for jobs and Dubai never failed to accommodate them. The UAE is dealing with its  industries like

  1. Petroleum and petrochemicals
  2. Aluminium
  3. Cement and stimulants,
  4. ship repair,
  5. Construction materials, etc

These industries often capture the big part of the market, but many other sectors take more part in Job market in UAE.

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Other industries in the UAE Job Market:

1. Real Estate:

Real Estate is the natural side-effect of development, another top division, and is similarly worthwhile, if not more when the property showcase gets. Commissions are the huge draw for this division. If you make the right deals, you could make yourself a little fortune. This business has no limit; every day new buyers and sellers are coming here for investment purpose.

2. Hospitality:

From the last decades, the development of Dubai is remarkable. Many new projects including schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls etc. are built. So, there is so much need for new staff especially in hospitals like staff nurses, qualified doctors and specialist is highly required. Hospitality is also one of the biggest industries in Dubai, and it grew more. The advancement of medicine requires new and highly qualified specialists for their hospitals. These hospitals are highly equipped with advanced machines for better treatments.

3. Construction:

The development and new projects are still under construction, so there is a lot of need for labor at a construction site, skillful people, and crane operators are high in demand. Development division added 1.92 per cent workforce to 1.703 million while land firms procured 5.4, extra representatives, achieving 0.604 million specialists. These two parts are seeing expanded enlisting as open and private segment firms hope to finish in front of Expo 2020 Dubai. Nonetheless, administrations and assembling areas decreased the number of occupations by 0.8 per cent to 1.112 million and 469,700, separately, between June 2017 and June this year. The number of occupations in transport, stockpiling and correspondence declined 3.3 per cent from 372,100 in June a year ago to 778,500 in June 2018.

4. Education management:

As the new education system is evolving, new hiring is also taking place in education sectors with attractive pay packages. People from all over the world came here for the present their services for the education sector.

5. Airlines:

As we all know, how busy the Dubai airport is, around hundreds of flights are coming in or out in a single day. So it is evident that the airport management needs people, time to time in the different department of the airport. From pilot to a driver and security guard, this field requires thousands of people, and still, the hiring is taking place every month. has the latest vacancies published in the job market in UAE. We have wide range of jobs related to almost every industry in UAE. Keep visiting us and subscribe for our daily jobs alerts.