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Reasons That Keep You Unemployed in Dubai

Reasons That Keep You Unemployed in Dubai

Many people believe that Dubai is not the right place to look for a job. But this is not right, you may have not found a job because of something you are missing. I give you a clue. Indeed, these are some of the main reasons that can explain your unemployment:

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Reasons That Keep You Unemployed in Dubai

1) Randomly Applying On Online Jobs

We share this feeling that the more we apply for a job, the more number of respondents will get the answers. I think this myth is completely wrong. Quantitative priorities can never give you good results in return. You prefer quality to quantity. Instead of applying and applying for informal jobs online. It is better to spend time and energy on jobs suited to your education, skills and experience. This is a more suitable job search. The right strategy is to find jobs that are suited to your skills, experience and ability.

2) Submitting Same CV Again & Again

You will agree with me that the standard CV cannot meet the requirements of each recruiter. In general, we find that each job requires specific skills, experience and qualifications. It is not possible to fit in any job with an identical CV. When you see what a recruiter is looking for in a candidate, you have to understand and recognize how you can adjust according to your resume.

3) Research Failure About The Company

Job interview plays an important role in the success of the job. The success of a job interview is very important for everyone. If you are well prepared, you will get excellent results from a job interview. Knowledge of the company is essential before going to the job interview. There is a need to get information about the company’s activity, adequate information about your business plan, types of products introduced in the company, number of employees, the main purpose of the business, etc.

When you finish and know these things, your interview will be successful. This preparation will have a positive impact during the interview process. This shows that there is so much interest in doing it. Other candidates may not have knowledge of the company, which allows it to be placed on top. When you answer the recruiter, you will receive bonus points.

4) No Follow Up with the Hiring Manager

After the job interview, everything is not complete. After the interview, the applicant should always go with the recruitment manager. Let me end its effect. What happens is that when you contact the hiring manager, he has to concentrate on yourself. From this, the hiring manager will feel that you are really serious and you have enough interest in this job. So it is very important to find out what can be done in different ways.

5) Never Get Influenced By Past Failures

Continuous efforts make it possible to find work in Dubai again and again. There may be some failures in search of a job. Instead of waiting for past failures, just learn from your mistakes. One of the most common mistakes is to move forward. You should avoid it at all costs. It does not always succeed in your home. We all face different types of challenges in life, and failures are also a part of life. It is also possible to find a job first. But if you do not get a job early, it does not mean that you are not enough. There can be many reasons behind us because we have mentioned the mistakes of job seekers in Dubai.

The above mentioned things are the reasons that can keep you unemployed in Dubai.

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