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Technical Interview Questions & Answers

Technical Interview Questions & Answers

Technical questions are the bane of many job applicants’ existences. In order to prepare for any interview, you must be able to answer these type of questions. You should learn as much information as possible about a company before an interview. Depending on the field and position, some technical questions may be asked in addition to regular interview topics. To help prepare yourself for these technical challenges, there are a few Technical Interview Questions for you.


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What is a Technical Interview?

A technical interview occurs when a job applicant is asked questions that require an in-depth knowledge of a particular topic. Technical interviews are usually scheduled, last from 30 minutes to an hour, and are one-on-one. It is important to be prepared for any number of technical questions.

How to Prepare for a Technical Interview?

The best way to prepare for a technical interview is to research and gather information about the company’s field and position in great detail. This will help you prepare for questions that may be asked during your interview. You should also be aware of the most common questions asked in technical interviews so that if you are asked them, you will be prepared.

7 Technical Interview Questions

●     What Are Your Technical Certifications?

Companies are always looking for job applicants with specific technical skills that can help them achieve their goals. This is why it’s important to have relevant certifications when applying for a position. Certifications are often the determining factor in which job applicants will receive an interview or not. If you do not have certifications, you should be able to get them before the interview date.


●     Tell Me About The Most Recent Project You Worked On. What Were Your Responsibilities?

The project you talk about in your interview should be related to the position for which you are applying. For example, if you’re applying for a position that uses HTML5 and CSS3 on a daily basis, you should talk about a project that involved those technologies. You may also want to include what was difficult about the project and how you were able to solve the problem or issues that arose during the process.


●     What Languages Have You Programmed In?

Depending on the position you’re applying for, you may or may not know any programming languages. This can open up new doors of interview opportunities, as companies are always looking to add programmers to the team. If you don’t know programming languages, this will be a negative point in your application.


●     How Would You Rate Your Key Competencies For This Job?

Companies will often ask applicants to rate their competency in certain topics on a scale of 1-10. Even though you may not be asked this question in every interview, it’s best to respond with an honest answer. You should rate yourself according to your skills and experience in the field, not only your abilities.


●     What Challenges Do You Think You Might Expect In This Job If You Were Hired?

When you’re asked this question, think about all of the new things that you might experience in this job. This will help you share your real concerns regarding the position and how it might affect your future career.

Final Words

The technical interview questions you may be asked during an interview can be challenging. However, there are ways to prepare and answer these questions. Knowing what types of questions may be asked and what information you should research can help you succeed when facing your next interview.