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Tell me About Yourself - Interview Question

Tell me About Yourself – Interview Question

Tell me About Yourself – Interview Question

When you go to an interview, the interviewer asks two types of questions. One of them is open-ended questions, while others are close-ended questions. Indeed, the interviewer prefers to ask open-ended questions because it gives them a fair impression about the candidate and proves efficient in determining if the person is a good fit for the job or not. One of those questions is that tell me about yourself.

Usually, it is asked at the start of the interview. The way you answer this question is critical because it sets the tone for the interview ahead. The purpose of the interviewer is vague, and no one can predict what he wants to listen to. However, if you go to the interview with preparation, you can answer him better. This article will cover four aspects of tell me about yourself questions.

  • Plan your answer
  • Ways to answer in front of an interviewer
  • Example answer
  • Things to avoid


Tell me About Yourself - Interview Question

1) Plan Your Answer

You need to go well prepared in front of your interviewer. If you have planned it before appearing in the interview, it will boost your confidence. Here are some points that will help you in planning your answers.

i) What makes you an ideal candidate?

Many persons are applying for the same position. Your answer must contain what makes you special. Why should the company avoid other people and just select you? Your response should project yourself a need for the company.

ii) Why this role interests you?

You should have a valid reason why you are applying for this position. You must describe that this job is aligned with your career goals.

iii) Why this company?

Like the company, even candidates have an open choice about where to apply. Your answer should have a clear reply about why you selected this company. You need to search the company in detail and look for all the points that you can take as an example of why you selected this company.

iv) How you will serve on this role?

For this part, you should highlight some personality traits in yourself. These traits must recommend you as the best person for this role.

2) Ways to Answer in Front of Interview:

Tell me about yourself questions that give you an opportunity about setting the rhythm of the interview. After you have practiced, you can answer it in a better way. However, your response must contain these points.

i) Mention your experience and successes

Read the job description again and point a specific skill from it. Target it by describing that you possess this skill and have the work experience related to it. If there was an instance where you succeeded by adopting this skill, mention it as it will add weight to your response.

ii) Relate it with your current job

If you are applying for a senior position, then relating it with your current job will be helpful. You must have, tell me about yourself examples that projects you perfect person for this position. Having a similar work experience is important.


3) Example answer:

The human mind analyzes in a better way when it relates through example. When you see tell me about yourself examples, you will face ease in crafting your answer. You can browse online for the sample answers. It is simple to learn.


4) Things to Avoid:

There are some things that you must avoid because they will put a negative impression when you answer tell me about yourself.

  • Never mention your highly personal details like marriage, spouse, children, political and religious views.
  • People don’t like candidates that are “jack of all trades and master of none”. 2-3 skills in which you are expert are enough in your answer.
  • Never reread your resume. Come up with out of the box points.


You must learn about the answer of this ”tell me about yourself”. It is good to learn appropriate words to reply to this question in a professional way.

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