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Weaknesses to Say in an Interview

Weaknesses to Say in an Interview

When you’re in a job interview, one of the most daunting questions you may face is, “What is your greatest weakness?” It’s a common question, yet it often leaves candidates stumped. While it’s a challenge to balance authenticity with the desire to make a good impression, it’s essential to approach this question strategically. Below, we delve into several examples of weaknesses you might consider sharing, alongside how to frame them constructively.

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Weaknesses to Say in an Interview

  1. Perfectionism:

    Many of us strive to deliver excellent work, and sometimes, this drive can morph into perfectionism. It’s not inherently negative, but it can lead to inefficiencies and unnecessary stress. If perfectionism is your weakness, frame it in a way that emphasizes your high standards and commitment to quality, while acknowledging the need for balance.

  2. Impatience:

    Impatience can stem from a sense of urgency and a strong drive to get things done. If this is your weakness, convey it as an eagerness to achieve results. However, you should also acknowledge the importance of patience in teamwork, decision-making, and problem-solving, and your commitment to cultivating it.

  3. Difficulty Delegating Tasks:

    Difficulty delegating often originates from a desire to maintain control and ensure quality. If this is your weakness, frame it by emphasizing your strong sense of responsibility and detail-oriented nature. Yet, acknowledge that you understand the importance of trust and collaboration in a team setting, and you’re working on letting others take the helm more often.

  4. Taking Criticism Personally:

    If you tend to take criticism personally, it may indicate a high degree of investment in your work. In addressing this, highlight your passion for your work, while acknowledging the need to separate personal feelings from professional feedback. Talk about the steps you’re taking to accept constructive criticism more objectively.

  5. Struggling with Work-Life Balance:

    If your dedication to work sometimes blurs the line between professional and personal life, it’s crucial to address this. Highlight your strong work ethic and dedication, but also acknowledge the importance of balance for long-term productivity and wellness. Discuss the strategies you’re implementing to create a healthier work-life balance.

  6. Public Speaking:

    Many people grapple with public speaking. If this is your weakness and the role requires it, be honest about it. However, stress that you’re aware of the importance of effective communication and share the steps you’re taking to improve, such as joining a local Toastmasters club or practicing presentations with trusted friends or mentors.

  7. Procrastination:

    Procrastination can be a sign of a creative mind that sometimes struggles with routine tasks. If this is your weakness, emphasize your creative thinking and problem-solving skills. But also, discuss your awareness of the need for timely task completion and the strategies you’ve developed to combat procrastination, like the Pomodoro technique or task prioritization methods.


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Remember, when discussing your weaknesses, it’s crucial not just to state them but also to talk about your awareness and the proactive steps you’re taking to improve. This shows your potential employer that you are self-aware, committed to personal growth, and able to transform challenges into opportunities for learning and development.