What Motivates You Interview Question & Answers -

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What Motivates You Interview Question & Answers

What Motivates You Interview Question & Answers

When on the interview board, you are asked, What motivates you, it differs from “What motivates you to get up in the morning and go to work?”. Because it is more personal. The interviewee will likely be asked about their most treasured memories, things that have motivated them throughout their lives.

It is something that always comes up in job interviews. So it may not be a new concept for the applicant. Let’s see how to face it- what motivates your interview question?

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How to Answer- What Motivates Your Interview Question?

  • Acquiring New Skills

If a person is applying for a job and makes it clear that they want to learn and grow, this can go a long way towards getting them hired. This indicates the applicant is dedicated to their work and will put in extra effort to be successful.

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  • Learning New Things

Depending on the kind of job they are applying for, a person may be asked to make a list of their hobbies and interests. If they have specific knowledge in a certain area, such as computer programming, this should be listed. It may help the employer recognize what you can bring to their team.


  • Goals And Targets

When deadlines, goals, and targets are met, then success can be measured. If a person can meet deadlines consistently and achieve goals set by supervisors, this skill can be considered an asset to a Company. This perseverance and determination can be an example of the applicant’s ability to handle pressure.


  • Teamwork

If a person’s skill set is not as strong but still wants the job, they may want to list their greatest strengths. This could be teamwork, where two or three people work together on projects successfully after applying their own talents to it. The Company also has to see if there will be room for advancement within the team or work group that is already established there.


  • Completing A Difficult Project

If a person can reference a difficult project they were involved with in the past, this could be a great example of how they handled the pressure. This also shows what kind of team player they are, which will help explain why they want to work at the Company.


  • Leading A Team Or Being A Part Of A Team

Depending on the job, this skill can be a determining factor in the hiring decision. If a person is hired based on their ability to perform, then leading a team or being part of one may not be necessary.


  • Overcoming Challenges

Competition and deadlines can be great motivators, but these can come at the expense of frustration. For example, if a person can only juggle so many projects at one time, they are clearly being asked to do too much. If they can overcome these challenges on their own, this shows what kind of manager they will be once they are in charge of others.


Final Words

A successful interview depends on the applicant’s ability to tailor their response to highlight their main strengths. The best way to prepare for an interview is by researching the Company beforehand. It is important to know if a Company’s culture is right for them and what skills will be mentioned during the interview. Answer confidently- what motivates your interview question?

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