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Which Is The Best Answer For 'Why Sales' In An Interview?

Which Is The Best Answer For ‘Why Sales’ In An Interview?

A career in sales has been an aspiration for many people looking for jobs. Some have a knack for selling things. Some want to add value to any business and make a career and name out of it, and some just want a job to get by. Whichever is the case, you need to go through a tough interview. For example, in a sales interview, one common question attacks job seekers– why sales? Why do you want to get into the sales department?

There is no ready-made answer to this question. The employers ask you such questions to judge your personality, intention, and qualifications. Since there is no easy answer to this question, you may feel puzzled and overwhelmed. But you can prepare yourself before the interview and ready answers to such questions.

Which Is The Best Answer For ‘Why Sales’ In An Interview?

Here is how to answer the question– ‘Why Sales?’


How To Answer The Question Why Sales? 

Here is how you can prepare yourself for such a question –


Understand Your Career Goal:

Before you go for an interview for a specific job role, you need to understand your role in that position. You need to know what you have to do as a salesman first. You can start by asking yourself questions; for instance, you can ask yourself why do you want to get into sales? What are your career goals? What are your unique passions?


Prepare Your skills:

Once you know the answers to these questions, you will have a better idea of how to answer such questions. Based on your own answers to yourself, you can prepare your skills. You can also come up with experiences that motivated you to come into the sales business. Once you understand your career goals and what you are interested in, you can ready your answer.


Make A Draft:

It does not have to be a well-written answer, but you can create a mental draft regarding the answers to the question of why sales. Maybe you love to achieve a target set in front of you. Or perhaps you had a little experience in the field that motivates you to get into the sales industry. If you had any such experience, you could explain that experience in brief detail.


Do Your Homework:

Before you go for any such interview, you need to prepare yourself by knowing about the company you are interviewing for. It is best to learn about these companies and understand how you can add value to them. Once you are clear about their business objective, you can pitch to them why you are a good fit for them.


Prepare Your Answers Beforehand:

Now, you may not get the same question thrown at you, but it is always better to structure an answer. You can start by going over the few key points that are elemental to your interview and use them in the best possible way. It would help to have answers ready that do not take more than three minutes to tell.


Bottom Line 

When you are starting your career, you need to have a clear goal in mind and understand how you can put value on the organization you are working for. You can start by understanding your objective in the sales industry. Then you can start with developing your skills and making a draft.

I hope that these tips help you understand and answer all the uneasy questions you get asked in a sales interview.

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