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21 Things a Job Seeker in the UAE Should Know

21 Things a Job Seeker in the UAE Should Know

Going to any other place for work dedications is a serious decision, which should not be made in haste. Among the other places, the UAE is a beneficial choice if you are looking for a job, as the accessibility of the jobs in the UAE, the working environment plus living situations are very good. Indeed, if you are thinking to look for occupations in United Arab Emirates, there are numerous things you have to recognize about this place.

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21 Things a Job Seeker in the UAE Should Know

  1. Passport and VISA

Being an emigrant, you would need a Passport, UAE Tourist Visa or UAE Visit Visa or UAE Visa, and a Work Visa legal for least 3 months to enter and do work in the UAE.

  1. The Currency

The currency in UAE is Dirham (Dhs), likewise recognized as AED.


  1. Cost of living

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the most costly places in the Middle East. You will need a lot of money to spend a good life there.

  1. Vacations

You can have 30 calendar days annual leave from your work. The holidays are paid in the UAE.


  1. Pay rights

You will get End of Service Gratuity if you have work at least 1 year in UAE.


  1. The Tax System

The UAE is a tax free state and you can enjoy your salary easily.


  1. Working hours

Working hours in the United Arab Emirates are 9 hours each day.

  1. Local Code and Time

The time zone in UAE is about GMT+ 04.00. +971 is the international country code.


  1. Local Transport

You can have easy private and public modes of transport in the UAE.


  1. Multi-Cultural Society

People from all around the world come to the UAE and you can enjoy different cultures during your stay there.


  1. Languages

Arabic is the most widely spoken language in the UAE. But the languages like Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam, English, and Farsi are frequently used across the UAE.


  1. Religion

UAE is an Islam Dominated place and the official religion is Islam. But people from different religions live and work there.


  1. Health Care Services

The UAE has different good government hospitals and health care facilities for the people who love there.


  1. Food

As we have mentioned that UAE is a multi-cultural place, so you can enjoy the foods from all around the globe. What’s better than enjoying different cuisines?


  1. Social Conventions

People living in the UAE must follow the Islamic laws. Men and women are expected to wear proper clothes. Dubai is a modern place, hence modern attire can be wore there.


  1. Chances for Women

UAE is focused to work on making opportunities for the women in different fields. They believe that development is only possible if the women work side by side the men.


  1. Holiday Destinations

There are a lot of people who come to UAE to spend their holidays because of the great places it has.


  1. Shopping

UAE has a lot of shopping malls and super markets to buy stuff from. You can visit these malls to buy whatever you want.


  1. Penalties

The laws in UAE are very strict and you will have to pay huge fines even if you spit on the roads and the streets.


  1. Cars and Low-priced petrol

If you love cars then UAE is the place for you. You can have the SUV on a pretty good price and petrol is cheap too.


  1. Security

The UAE is one of the safest places in the world. The laws are very strict and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your loved ones.