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Angular Interview Questions

Angular Interview Questions

I want to help you improve your angular interview process before taking a job with the Company. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a job at what you know, going to work for your dream Company, and then having to re-learn every little thing all over again. Before applying for an Angular role, you should know about Angular interview questions.

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Angular Interview Questions

Why were client-side frameworks like Angular introduced?

Both client-side and server-side technologies are aimed to make the job easier for web developers. While writing complex scripts and functions, both client-side and server-side technologies help to reduce the number of errors that occur.

How does Angular differ from other client-server JavaScript frameworks?

Angular controls the D.O.M. Angular is a part of an overall framework used on many web pages. It can be used to create reusable code and services that can be run on any web page.

What do you understand about modules?

Angular modules are parts of an application that are to be reused in multiple areas of the application. Angular Modules help create some structure for any application, which gives it a clear division between different parts of an application, thus making it easier for developers to navigate through them.

What are some of the advantages of Angularjs over other frameworks?

It is easier to build larger applications with Angular by using components. It makes it easier to understand multiple application parts in a single file and call on the needed modules without writing much code. Extra features make it easier to prepare the code for future programming languages.

What is A.O.T. compilation? What are the advantages of A.O.T.?

A.O.T. compilation is an Ahead-of-Time compiler in Angular. It compiles the TypeScript code into a machine-readable code that the browser can understand. The advantages of A.O.T. are a faster startup and smaller bundles.

What is Lazy loading? Explain how it works

Lazy loading is used to load parts of the application only when needed. In Lazy Loading, lazy loading takes place with the help of routes. When a way is activated, the associated components are loaded proportionally along with required data using modules.

Describe the bootstrapping process of an Angular application

The bootstrapping process has three main steps: compilation, evaluation, and execution. The collection is a process in which TypeScript code is converted into machine-readable code that the browser can easily understand. On the other hand, the assessment will set up all the components needed for your Angular Application to work properly, such as registering any custom directives or services, etc. Finally, execution is when everything compiled and evaluated is put together and executed on the browser.

How can you resolve problems in large enterprise applications?

There are multiple ways to solve the problems with large enterprise applications, and this process depends on each situation. You can easily start using modules to separate different application parts so that developers can easily find and use them. Components would be ideal when you have a specific module that needs to be used on the same page or application.

Final Steps

Once your interview finishes, send an email to your interviewer with an attached resume and cover letter. You can also send a personal message to the hiring manager to show appreciation. Scroll up to know Angular interview questions. Keep visiting blog for more career related articles.