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Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Going through college isn’t easy, especially with little or no assistance. There are ample part-time job opportunities for college students. These jobs may not be relevant to your career or profession but may require your skills or talents. Moreover, they’re jobs you can do while going about school activities. 

So, what are the best part-time jobs for college students? A few of them include freelancing, graphic designing, fitness coaching, babysitting, etc. Additionally, you can opt for camp counseling, restaurant attendant, and more.

This post will discover more key information about these part-time job options. Hopefully, you’ll find the one that best suits your need or schedule. Keep reading!

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Top Seven Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Getting a job isn’t easy, even in Dubai, one of the wealthiest cities worldwide. As such, you may have to make a reasonable effort in your search. You can also use a job recruitment agency to ease the stress of your job search.

Here are some profitable part-time jobs to consider:

  • Freelancing

Freelancers are primarily remote workers who aren’t tied to a particular contractor. As a freelancer, you have the leverage to work with multiple employers and choose a convenient working period. Moreover, there are tons of jobs available on a freelancing platform. It all boils down to your skills. There you can find writing jobs, jobs based on ICT, creative arts, marketing, etc.

  • Graphic Designing

Are you passionate about creating and designing advertisements, websites, or brochures? If your answer is positive, here’s an ideal part-time job option for you. Graphic design has one notable advantage. That is, it can move from being a part-time side job to something one can earn a lucrative living from. This is because there are so many businesses today, with new ones emerging daily, and most of them need to design their advertising mediums. This is where the need for graphic designers comes in.

  • Fitness Coaching

Some colleges have fitness centers in which students are the major workers. You can simply locate a gym center off campus if your school isn’t one of these colleges. There you can apply as a fitness instructor, but you’ll need to be certified. If you’re not certified yet, there’s another way out. You can apply as a front desk receptionist. This gives you a better chance to receive free classes as a staff at the gym.

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  • Babysitting

Babysitting jobs can come in different job descriptions. It CAN be a one-time task to cover up some couples nights out. It can also come as live-in babysitting, where you stay with the parents of the kids. Finally, it can be a reoccurring task that requires you to work after every school period of the day.

Several parents around your school environment may need a responsible babysitter, particularly those in the medical or education field.

While it’s easy to find babysitting job adverts on campus billboards, applying online is also available.

  • Camp Counselling

A camp counselor supervises campers’ activities and ensures they’re safe. Camp counselors create campers’ camping itineraries, including planning and scheduling outdoor fun events. Also, they observe camping protocols and manage camp activities.

Furthermore, as a camp counselor, you must ensure that the camping experience is productive. Also, you need to show the children new stuff and ensure they practice and learn new skills.

  • Restaurant Attendant

Your job as a restaurant attendant is pretty simple. It’s a job you can easily incorporate with your class activities, depending on your schedule. A typical fast food or restaurant attendant does the following:

  • Collects meal orders from customers
  • Put the meal orders together
  • Serve them to the right customers
  • Man cash registers, etc.

As a restaurant attendant, you’re expected to have the following personal qualities:

  • The ability to carry out your duties fast
  • A positive attitude toward customers and the job
  • A good level of proficiency
  • Editing Admissions Essays

One of the best part-time jobs a college student can opt for is admissions essay editing. Why? One of the benefits here is that you can work remotely. Secondly, admission essay editing generates a reasonable amount of money for a college student. So, how do I go about this?

You can begin by informing prospective clients about your ability to write good essays. You can also add that it was the reason you got admitted into college in the first place. This will make them see a need to hire you for their next essay writing and editing.

Moreover, you can also advertise yourself by sharing online posts, using a tutoring firm, or even pasting fliers and bills around the campus.


We’ve seen the many part-time jobs for college students. Opting for any is one of the best ways to assist yourself while schooling. However, you might need to prepare your resume to get hired without delay properly. Certain software like Affinda can help you achieve this in a pretty short while.

Author’s BIO: Lori Wade is a journalist and content writer from Louisville. Lori creates news and informative articles about HR, recruiting, and employee productivity. She is also working on the Affinda resume parser that streamlines and standardizes the CV and resume review process. You can find her on LinkedIn.