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Common Google Interview Questions

Common Google Interview Questions

Are you looking to get a job at Google? To be eligible for such a position, an interview is required. An interviewer could ask one or more questions: Why do you want to work for Google, What are your strengths, What are your weaknesses, and many more.


If this is the case, ensure that you have prepared answers and can speak fluidly on your knowledge and skill set. So let’s check a few google interview questions.

About Google Interview Process

If you’re interested in working for Google, it’s important to know the interview process you must go through. In many ways, it’s similar to other interviews, but there are a few key differences that you should be aware of. One important factor should not be underestimated when being interviewed: the importance of your presence.

The interviewer will assess your professional presence and appearance, so ensure that you dress well for the interview and arrive on time. Your dealings with people in general throughout your life are also very important when it comes to this interview process.


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7 Common Google Interview Questions

●     What Is Your Favorite Google Product, And How Would You Improve It?

If you could improve the Google product, or if you have experience with Google products, then this is a great question to ask. Be sure to give the interviewer a sense of your interests and values and your knowledge about each product.

●     Briefly Explain The Difference Between Coding And Programming

Programming is the development of a system using a programming language like C++ or Java, while coding uses programming languages that make the machine readable.

●     How Do You Stay Accountable?

Accountability is a core value the Company has. Being accountable means, you will work hard and be responsible to others or the Company.

●     Tell Me About A Time When You Set And Achieved A Goal?

A time when you have set a goal and achieved it is a question that will be very common in an interview. This is because the Company wants to know that you can set goals and accomplish them.

●     Could Manhole Covers Be Any Shape Other Than Round, Like A Rectangle?

This is a great way of being prepared for this type of interview. The maintenance hole covers don’t have to be round, and you can choose the shape you want them.

●     What is DEADBEEF?

If a Company works on Android, they will ask you this question. This is because it is impossible to see the word “DEADBEEF” in any random text or file. And Android uses hexadecimal numbers for files and texts. So if you ever see this in an application, it was planned by a programmer and placed there intentionally. Try solving this puzzle with your friends (suffixes).

●     What Are The Qualities Of A Good Programmer?

Google likes employees who are passionate about programming. So be sure to highlight your interest in programming and how much time you devote to it.

Final Words 

Take the time to read and practice the questions that may appear during your interview to be completely prepared. Although there are many ways to prepare yourself for google interview questions, some real-life experiences will assist you once more in getting hired. Qualified candidates should be strong in their programming skills as well as be able to present themselves through various means.