How to Apply for Canada Visa from Dubai -

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How to Apply for Canada Visa from Dubai

How to Apply for Canada Visa from Dubai

The job market of Dubai is recognized by the United States, Canada and European countries that are why when you apply from Dubai to Canada, the chances are very bright to get the visa. The visit visa is the fastest visa that any person who works in a well-known company in Dubai, no matter what nation he is, will get the visa easily. Let’s talk about how to apply for a Canada visa from Dubai.

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How to apply for Canada visa from Dubai:

Here are the things and documents that are required for a Canadian visa.

  • Valid passport:

First of all, you need an authorized and valid passport. Indeed, your passport is your identity and makes sure the passport is not expired till the return date. 

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  • Passport size photographs:

You need two passport size pictures that you need to paste on the application form. Fill the form:

  • Visa application form:

 Fill the form wisely and never left anything. The form is easy and just requires your details that you have to just add in the form

  • B-form:

If you are living in Dubai with your family then you must attach the B-form. The Family registration certificate is necessary because it works like a guarantee that you will come back to Dubai after vacations in Canada. 

  • Must know English:

You must know the Basic English because the Canadian embassy will ask general questions that you should answer otherwise your visa application will be rejected.    

  • No objection letter from employer:

Now, you must also take at least vacations for one month and also take the letter from the company that you are a good employ of the company and after came back to Canada, this job will be available for you. This letter is necessary for you.

  • Attach salary slip:

Add the salary slip of at least 3 to six months.

  • Income tax detail:

You tax details is already mention in salary slip but you can attach it separately as well

  • Bank statement:

The bank statement is very important and you must have around 5000$ to 6000$ in the account. You need a statement of 6 months at least.

  • The marriage certificate is must:

If you are married, attach your marriage certificate as well.

  • Hotel booking:

In the end, book any hotel that you can afford.

  • Add a cover letter:

In the last add a cover letter in which you have to add these things:

  • ·       Personal details
  • ·       Your return ticket detail
  • ·       Your residence address in Canada
  • ·       Your bank details
  • ·       In which cities you want to visit in Canada
  • ·       For how long your trip is?
  • ·       Ensure the embassy that you will come back

Attach all the above documents and submit your application. After a few days, you will get the call from the Canadian embassy and you will get the visa without any problem.