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Apply for US visa from Dubai

How to Apply for US VISA from Dubai

If you are working in Dubai or living with your family, you can apply for a US visit visa. Indeed, the US government is allowing all the people who don’t have any criminal record and are authorized citizen of the country. The visa process of US from Dubai is not taught. Just you need to full fill the visa eligibility requirements of the embassy. Let’s describe how to apply for a US visa from Dubai.

How to apply for US visa from Dubai:

Step No 1:

For US visa application, you need to have these documents:

  • Passport
  • 2 digital passport size pictures
  • Resume, in which you have to add the following details:
    • Full name
    • Birth details/place/month and year
    • Family details/marriage certificate/B-form
    • Valid email address/ contact details
    • Permanent and temporary address
    • Traveling detail( international visits)
  • Cover letter
  • Bank statement

These are the necessary documents that you must ready before applying for the visa because if you neglect any of these documents your visa application will reject straightaway. So, be prepared for the documentation and check the visa requirements as well.

Tip: make a list of the entire required document and enlist them in file one by one.

Step No 2:

Fill the online form:

Now, you have to go to the official website of the embassy and fill the non-immigration visa form. Write a note in which you have to tell the reason of visit US like, you want to spend your holidays in the US or you are fond of traveling, etc. don’t forget your Application ID because you can trace your current status of visa application with it. Your note is very important because it will describe the reason for your visit so, be careful while writing it.

Tip: take assistance from any consultant for the note.


Step No 3:

Schedule the interview:

Now, as your application accepts by the embassy you will get mail from them in which they will ask you about the interview date or they will send you the schedule of the interview. It’s your turn to give the interview, as you complete the interview, the embassy will allow you to go to the US and enjoy.

Tip: the interview is very important so, prepare the expected questions.

Bottom line:

In short, above are the few steps of how to apply for a US visa from Dubai. It’s easy to apply from Dubai especially if you are working with a well-known organization in Dubai. The repute of the organization also helps a lot in the visa application.

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