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How long does a job interview last?

How long does a Job Interview Last?

Job interviews are one of the best ways to understand the professional skills and eligibility of a person. Well, you can attain a job interview and understand that it lasts for only a few minutes in general.

However, everything depends on the type of interview you are into. Moreover, it can also elongate the interview process. In many companies, job interview processes can remain active for days as they have several rounds. Well, in this article, you can come to know about different types of interviews and how long they can last. Moreover, you can also check out the planning process for an interview. For now, you can go through the points here:

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Types of Job Interviews and The Time They Can Last:

There are several types of job interviews in the modern-day that you can face. If you are planning for your first interview, this entire article can be of your help. In this part, you can check out the types of interviews and the average time they can last. So, go through the following points:

  1. Phone/ Panel Interview

The phone/panel interview is one of the basic types. It happens to be the first interview in a recruitment process. Generally, the HR of a company takes this interview to know some basic things about the job seeker.

In this case, as an interviewee, you can expect it to last for about 15 minutes. In case HR needs to have a clear insight about you, the phone interview can even extend for 30 minutes.


  1. In-person Interviews

The In-person interviews can last up to 1.5 hours starting from 45 minutes. Well, you can consider it as one last step before you get a job. In the in-person interview, you can face questions regarding your education, skills, and the reason why you are up for a specific job post.

Well. again, in this interview, you need to solve little hypothetical problems. These problems can help the interviewers to understand if you are fit for a particular job role.

This is the only reason why the in-person interviews take so much time. Again, looking at it in a broader aspect, you can find the entire in-person interview process running for nearly 3 to 4 hours. So, happens because the interviewee has to speak with many job seekers as the number of vacancies is more.


  1. Technical Interviews

The technical interviews are so-called because the technical skills of the interviewees are checked. Generally, this process occurs in the case of engineering and software-related jobs. In this process, you can find the interviewee to note your technical abilities.

No approximate time bar can be given for technical interviews because you can never access the works you need to do in a technical interview. However, in most cases, you can expect it to get over within 15 to 20 minutes.

In this type of interview, you can either get a chance to speak and answer the questions or write the answers on the whiteboard.

In the present time, most companies have made the round of technical interviews more complicated. As most of the interviews occur on a digital platform, you might have to deal with the questionnaire.


Planning For an Interview

Now, as you know about the different types of job interviews and the total time they can last, it is time to go through the planning process.  Here, you can understand the entire process in an interviewer’s aspect’.


So, if you are a business person and planning to go for an interview process, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. Here are some points that can help you:


  • Make A Plan

If you have your own company, you should make a proper interview plan. In this, you can include all the types of interview rounds. The best you can do is sit with your HR executive and set the order of the rounds. As a result, you can calculate the total time you give to each interviewee.


  • Note The List of Questions

Taking a job interview is in no way less tricky than giving one. So, the best you can do is note down the questions you need to ask the interviewees. As the business owner, you can even set up the questions for HR or solely give them the responsibility.


Make sure you do not make a simple and obvious questionnaire for the interview. In such a case, you can end up hiring even mediocre job seekers to the company. However, if you have a start-up company and you are trying to make a team for the first time, remember to keep your interview process simple.


  • Set The Time

After the basic planning and questionnaire generation is completed, you can set the time for each interview. It is vital as otherwise; you might end up taking the interview of a single person for the whole day.

Make sure to check the best time plan or an interview on the internet. You can find a lot of articles that give you an idea about the duration of an interview on the basis of a job role and industry.


Final Words

The short answer of “How long does a job interview last?” is: when it comes to a job interview, there is no hard and fast rule or any specific time bar. You can always consider that each company has its own setup of the recruitment process. So, the best for an interviewee is to go with the flow but with skills and for the interviewer to set the right process.


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