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What is an Open Interview?

What is an Open Interview?

Open interviews connect skilled job seekers with employers at all levels in the tech industry. By hosting one at your Company, you will be able to speak with prospective hires who might not otherwise make it past your screening process.

The open interview is the first step toward getting more diverse voices involved in your Company and bringing new perspectives to bear on work-related decisions. Let’s know a few details about what is an open interview!


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What is an Open Interview?

An open interview is like a reporter’s Q & A. You tell the interviewer what you want to say, and then they respond with an open question. Each interview is different, but it gives you a chance to find out what’s going on in your protagonist’s world. This method of writing is also very powerful because it forces you to go deeper into the story than if someone just asks questions and answers them.

An open interview can be used as a tool for analysis and a way to show another person the plot of your story. In the same way, as you would take a plane to a new place and show someone around, your narrator can take the reader on a journey by giving them an open interview.

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What To Wear To An Open Interview?

If you’re a woman, remember that you can be as conservative or as revealing in your clothing as you want. Leave something to the imagination, or go all the way. It’s up to you and depends on exactly what your character is trying to say with her appearance.


  1. Grab a cute outfit at no cost: There are a lot of ways that you can shop for great clothes without spending a fortune on them. Thrift stores, garage sales, and Craigslist are great places to start looking for trends that have come around again this season.


  1. Go vintage: Think about what your character would wear if she lived in the 1950s or even further back! Vintage clothing is not only fashionable, but it’s also cheap. If you’re writing a historical novel, this is a great way to set the scene for a period piece.


  1. Make it yourself: You can create just about anything on your own or with help from your friends and family to make that perfect outfit. You must put lots of thought into what kind of clothes you want to wear and the message they are sending before you go out in public wearing them.


Tips for Writing an Open Interview

  • If you have trouble coming up with the rest of your questions, try some variations of this one.
  • The success of an open interview depends on how quickly you can get to the point.
  • Don’t ramble on and on about your thoughts; always ask specific questions that focus solely.
  • Remember to keep it brief and ensure questions only have one or two words to keep the reader interested.
  • Try not to stray into other areas of your story or tick off all your points before you’ve finished one question. This can cause your reader to lose interest immediately or become bored by the end of each question that goes unanswered.


Final Words 

What is an open interview is clear to you now. If you have trouble getting your thoughts down, leave a line of blank space so you can talk about your character’s thoughts later. This can help you become comfortable with writing an open interview and also help you remember your ideas later in the writing process.
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