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pre interview research - Empower yourself

Pre-Interview Research to Empower Yourself

Pre-Interview Research to Empower Yourself

You got the call for the interview and the date is on the calendar. The recruiters at your dream corporate are interested in your work and want you to visit them for an interview. Do you know this strange feeling that is present between enthusiasm and fear during a call for the interview? Indeed, this is especially effective when you know almost all about your probable workstation.

Following are the few instructions to follow before you attend an interview.

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1) Recognize the Company’s Strong Suits

The best way to explain to your researcher is that you know the business well that what makes it special compared to competitors. Good news! Enterprises often answer this question on their own official websites. Specifically, companies tell how they stand for their mission or values, which are usually displayed in the “About Us” section. Read this carefully to know what can be different for this organization.


2) Watch Community Interaction:

Somewhere in the application process, one of the people who interviewed you probably searched for you on Google and look at your social media accounts. You have to return the favor by finding out what the company has been up to recently. In addition to the information appearing in Google corporate blogs are gold mines, especially for new businesses under development. Whether it is a place that welcomes new employees in the sales department or describes the latest features of recent software updates, this is what you need to know.

3) Go Undercover to Learn Company Culture:

You may be able to understand a bit about corporate culture through company blogs and social networking blogs but actually, use this information to try to get information from external sources. It is better that you try to find a former or present employee with whom you can talk, and try to take advantage of what you already know. This will affect and increase your knowledge of your potential employer.


4) Read Up on the Field and Competitors:

In addition to knowing more about where you are interviewing, it is a good thing to be capable to talk about the industry as a whole and even more effectively about competitors and how to be able to fit the company into the world. Explore competitors by visiting LinkedIn and scrolling down to the “Other Companies People Viewed” section. There should be some competitive companies. Do the same with the competitors who you know is the biggest player in the race.


5) Follow them on social media:

Watching a company on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter is a great way to understand the culture. This gives you an overview of their professional identity. That’s why you read blogs and comments of employees and customers. This will give you a more personalized look at the organization. If you can pull out your researcher’s profile then it would be great. This will help you to know the people who will be present during the interview. You can also search for photos to match names with faces.


6) Know their products and services

Allow a potential employer to know that you have a legitimate interest in the business of the company. Therefore, spend some time before the interview and learn more about their products and services. Get the latest industry and business news. See “Press Release” and “News” about new projects and company development. Make sure the interviewer knows that you know about the latest acquisition of the company or the product. Also, explain how your experience and skills are perfect for this role.

Remember cultural fit is one of the main reasons a company hires a person. In the end, the more information you have about the company and the people you are talking to, the more likely it is that you will speak their language during the interview.

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