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exploring hospitality industry of Dubai

The Hospitality Industry in Dubai

Jobs in Hospitality Industry in Dubai

When we talk about developing infrastructure, hospitality and technology, Dubai has really made a huge leap in recent decades. As a shopping heaven and a popular tourist place, Dubai is known for its luxury resorts and hotels. Indeed, Dubai hotels have flooded tourists as the government carry on investing billions of dollars to make tourist destinations. You can find many international hospitality groups wishing to participate in the desired hospitality in Dubai.

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Work in Dubai

Dubai upholds the top standards of products and services in the hospitality industry. It is titled as one of the largest, better and brighter hospitality markets in the world. All this charm and glamor demands enthusiastic and experienced experts who can take care of the business and serve customers with all their might. Depending on their field of knowledge, experts can choose specific departments in resorts and hotels. Maximum hotels in Dubai are large and need a large number of workers. Some occupations include posts in the fields:

  • Kitchen
  • Service departments
  • Sales
  • Housekeeping
  • Marketing
  • Direct operations
  • Bartending
  • Front desk

This jobs at the Dubai Hotel requires professionals with extensive knowledge of the hotel business and central booking systems. Businesses expect that professionals will have experience and knowledge in creating networks for business creation and growth.

Every year in Dubai, the hotel’s trade show is a perfect stage for hospitality experts, where they can meet, communicate and exchange thoughts. Hotel Occupations in Dubai also includes desert tours, catering and the restaurants.

The Need of the Hour

As mentioned above, there is a strong request for a trained staff in the hotel sector, which is probable to grow and create more job opportunities for job seekers. Hotel Management study courses will help you take advantage of good employment opportunities in Dubai.

Working in Dubai hotels is fast, fun and energetic. Such work in the field of hospitality is preferable to monotonous and monotonous work 9-5. Working in the hotels is a chance to see new persons and serve them in a special way. The smile on the faces of the visitors is a good approach to turn the atmosphere on.

Government’s Tactic

The UAE administration plans to triple annual revenue from tourism, which will amount to about $300 billion from 2020. It is also expected to twofold the present number of hotels in Dubai. Hotels such as Conrad and Oberoi Hotels also activate their games. A growing sum of private companies is concentrating on the implementation of plans to build new hotels. In addition, the government also promotes tourism, organizes additional courses with the Emirates Airline and the procedures for changing visas for tourists. With these expansion plans, Dubai’s hotel industry is expected to reach a new peak, making demand for new workers.

The best hotels in the Dubai

  1. One&Only The Palm
  2. Atlantis, The Palm
  3. Armani Hotel Dubai
  4. Jumeirah Al Qasr
  5. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah
  6. Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf
  7. The Bulgari Resort & Residences Dubai
  8. Jumeirah Al Naseem

The hotel industry in Dubai is thriving and needs extra hands to ensure its achievement. With a huge amount of work being offered, it is aimed at professionals who want to build a successful career in Dubai.

If you are looking for jobs in hospitality Industry in Dubai then you have a lot of chances to find a good job. There are a lot of hotels that offer great salaries and experience to the people who work there. You can find some hotel management courses to make sure that the recruiters prefer you over the other people.

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