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Why did you leave your last job? Interview Question

Why did you leave your last job? Interview Question

Why did you leave your last job is the common question in almost every interview. It is considered as the common but at the same time the most important question because the answer will describe your situation there. It is very important to get ready for back to back questions. Answer all the questions with full confidence and clarity.

So, this question must be prepared in every interview, here are the reasons that you can give to the interview panel.

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Reasons: why did you leave your last job?

Here are the reasons that could be a reason for leaving the last job.

1. The unhealthy environment:

It is not important that the environment of every office is good for you. So, if you were the victim of any of the issue, you can tell them about the environmental issue if the office. It’s a valid reason but if someone is not comfortable and satisfied with the presence of the other employees, he can’t concentrate on his work too. It could be a reason to leave the job.

2. Salary issues:

Indeed, some companies offer good salaries to their employees so they can work with full dedication and efficiency but some are not giving any attention to such issues. If you are currently working on a less salary package and giving an interview for the better position and job then consider it as your reason.

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3. Personal issues:

Most of the people can speak openly but few people never talk about the problems that they are dealing with. So, if you have personal issues, you can tell them directly. If you don’t want to discuss or tell your issues to the others, don’t discuss it.

4. Looking for a better option:

People are always wondering about new job and opportunities. It is very normal to left the last job for a new and better opportunity. If you are facing the same question about the last job, answer it confidently and tell the right reason. Tell them that you are looking for a better option and the last job was a good experience for you.

In short, the reason could be any but you have to answer with full confidence.


The job interview is very important because it can finalize the destiny of the employee. Many questions are asked by the interview panel so, be prepared for every question especially for the personal one.

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