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Funny Interview Questions with answers

Funny Interview Questions: A Compilation of Hilarious Interview Questions

In the realm of professional interactions, job interviews are a crucial touchpoint. They’re often seen as high-stakes, high-pressure scenarios, where employers are seeking the perfect candidate, and interviewees are vying for their dream job. But who said these interactions have to be all business and no play? Today, we’ll explore some truly unique and funny interview questions that not only add a dash of humor to the interview process but also offer valuable insights into the candidate’s personality, creativity, and problem-solving skills.


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Funny Interview Questions: A Compilation of Hilarious Interview Questions

1. If You Were a Box of Cereal, What Would You Be and Why?

This question seems absurd at first glance, but it can reveal a lot about an individual’s identity and how they perceive themselves. The kind of cereal a candidate chooses, whether it’s dependable Cheerios or exciting Lucky Charms, can provide insight into their personality. Not to mention, the “why” part of the question reveals their reasoning and self-perception.

2. How Would You Sell a Fridge to an Eskimo?

This hilarious question is actually a clever twist on the traditional sales interview question. It challenges the interviewee to demonstrate their persuasion and negotiation skills, all while maintaining a light-hearted tone. Their answer can reveal how they approach problem-solving and their creativity in dealing with difficult situations.


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3. If You Could Have Any Superpower, Which Would You Choose and Why?

While this question might seem like it belongs in a comic book convention rather than a job interview, it serves a dual purpose. First, it helps to break the ice and make the candidate more comfortable. Second, it gives an insight into the interviewee’s values and desires, which can be quite enlightening.

4. How Would You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

This question may sound silly, but it’s a fun way to gauge a candidate’s problem-solving skills and creativity. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter and a way to make the interview process less stressful.

5. If You Were to Get Rid of One State in the U.S., Which Would It Be and Why?

Another one that sounds more like a joke than a serious question, this query can actually reveal a lot about a person’s critical thinking skills and geopolitical awareness. Plus, it’s interesting to see if they can navigate this question with tact and humor.

6. If We Shrunk You to the Size of a Pencil and Put You in a Blender, How Would You Get Out?

This question, made famous by Google, is an unusual and funny way to test problem-solving abilities. It’s all about thinking outside the box – or, in this case, the blender!

7. What’s Your Favorite 90s Jam?

A little more light-hearted, this question can often lead to some fun shared nostalgia and provide insight into a person’s taste in culture and music. It also shows how a candidate can switch gears from more serious topics.

Humor in the job interview process can make for a memorable experience for both the interviewer and interviewee. These funny interview questions not only lighten the mood, but they also serve as effective tools to glean insights into a candidate’s personality, thought process, and problem-solving abilities.

The next time you’re conducting or sitting for an interview, why not throw in a couple of these questions? You’ll likely be surprised by the answers you receive, and you might just end up having a lot of fun along the way. In the world of job interviews, a little laughter can go a long way!

Note: If you are using these questions as an interviewer, remember to maintain a respectful and professional atmosphere.