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Nursing Interview Questions and Answers

Nursing interview questions and answers

The list of 6 basic nursing interview scenerio questions and answers.

Being a nurse requires so much of bravery, patience, courage sense of humor and attention to detail. Indeed, every other day you can see people fighting the war of life and death, sometimes patients are not very kind and some of them need some motivation to live. In all these situations nurses have to deal intelligently to handle the situation but there are some questions that are asked in almost every interview.

These could be very difficult to answer because you cannot think of yourself all the time, sometimes you need to think about patients and your team as well. Here we will tell you about those nursing interview questions and answers scenarios.

Nursing interview questions and answers

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List of 6 Nursing interview questions and answers

Looking for nursing job interview questions and answers?

1. How have you normally deal with the workload in your previous jobs?

Being a nurse means a lot of stress and you need to tell the employer that how you will handle this. You can always use these points for handling stress:

  • Making list on daily basis.
  • Stay focused on your tasks.
  • Working through attention to detail.

These points can help you in these kinds of ICU nursing interview question and answers in Dubai.

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2. In your point of view, what will be greatest barrier in this job?

In these kind of questions for nursing interview questions and answers for nursing homes, you don’t need to tell them that your routine or the hard work feels the hardest part. Rather than this you can tell them that seeing people in pain is the hardest part. When you can’t do nothing to give patients a relief is the worst part because you feel helpless in this situation and it is the hardest part. In nursing interview questions and answers scenarios, you need to tell them about their services and try to talk less about what you feel.

3. How do you determine that you will deal here being as a nurse?

For these type of queries in nursing interview questions and answers in Dubai, you don’t have to tell them that you want to work for money, you should tell them that you want to serve humanity and tell them that you are interested the technology that is being used in treatment now a days.

4. What do you think about teamwork?

These types of questions must be answered showing the spirit of teamwork. Tell them that there are situations when alone person cannot tackle the problem, so you need to work as a team. For this type common questions in nursing interview, these kinds of answers are very helpful to you for getting the job.

5. Tell us why we should hire you?

Now you need to tell them the reason why you left your old job. The reason could be that you moved to this place or you want to work with the modern technology. You can also tell that at this place there are new challenges every day and that you love to tackle new challenges every day.


6. Do you want to ask anything?

This kind of question is asked in every nursing interview questions and answers session. So, you should not reply with a “NO”, you should ask them questions which will make them feel that you are really interested in this job like you can ask if you get selected then what will be your work. You can ask how long the contract will be and other engaging things like that.


The questions which are stated above are common questions in nursing interview. However, the above are nursing interview questions to ask. if you need to get the job, you will need to answer cleverly. Otherwise you may lose the opportunity of getting this great job. With every question stated above, there are some suggestions and tips on how you should efficiently answer those tricky questions. You should always remember one thing that you should never sound fake, too excited, not excited or over whelming, always try to answer the questions in a natural way.


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