Customer Service Interview Questions with Answers -

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Customer Service Interview Questions with Answers

Customer Service Interview Questions with Answers

Customer Service Interview Questions with Answers

Customer service interview questions with answers. Just have a look.

Q1) What is customer service?

This is the first and very basic question that every hiring manager asked for customer service interviews. Indeed, the purpose of asking this question is to ask about the philosophy of the customer service from the candidates.


To answer the customer service question you can simply define the importance and concept of customer service and try to give your point of view about helping the customers, etc.

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Q2) Tell me about yourself/ tell me about your background

The phone interview is completely different from the live interview and the start of the phone interview is also different. Here the hiring manager wants you to define yourself or define your background. The purpose of the question is to ask about your qualifications, your previous job, what you were doing earlier, etc. This is the way they can know about you and they can judge you on the phone interview.


To answer this question you should try to consume the time and try to answer all the questions with detail. You should also try to answer the questions with truth and try not to put any fake things in the interview. The interview is the first step to enter in any company and if you can answer this question very well then they can go to other questions.


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Q3) Tell me about the time when you handled a challenging situation?

This is the most common question that can be asked by the interviewer to check you’re behavior because it defines your leadership skills, teamwork skills, strategic planning, etc. If you are thinking that this is the annoying question then you are completely wrong because it defines your relationship with your company and if you can answer this question then you can easily get the job. It is true that if you are working in a company then you will be faced with all the times and sometimes the situation gets worst and you want to handle the situation in a very good way.


I am working in a well know company and my supervisor had to leave to another city due to some reason and I was acting supervisor of the floor. Due to this unexpected situation, I am leading the floor and I want to attend the meeting with the clients. To prepare for the meeting I have just prepared the PowerPoint presentation and easily manage to convince our client to work with us. This is a huge success for me to handle this challenging situation very well and the office gives me an award.

Q4) What did success look like in your previous role?

Multiple customer service interview questions and answers can be asked by the hiring manager and this is one of them because through this they can find out your definition of success. The purpose of this question is to checked whether the candidates is mature enough that he/she cares about the success of other fellow partner or not.


To answer this question you have to told the hiring manager about your success and how you can achieve the goal of your team, etc.


Q5) What do you think success looks like here at our Company?

This question is also like the previous question where the hiring manager wants to know the mindset of the candidate. He wants to know whether the person cares about their business or not.


The best answer to this question is to realize the hiring manager that you are truly worthy of this job and you will work harder to take this company to the maximum level.

Q6) What was your biggest failure in your previous role, and how did you recover from it?

This is the question asked by the hiring manager to check your working criteria and your honesty and they want you to answer this question with honesty.


You know this thing that no one is perfect and to answer this question you can tell how you cover the mistakes and all the other things for the company.



You don’t have to worry about anything, if you want to clear your interview then you can check the customer service interview question and answer with examples that will help you to pass the interview.

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