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HR Interview Questions

HR Interview Questions & Answers

List of HR Interview Questions with Answers

list of HR Interview Questions & their Answers.

Q1) Tell me about yourself/ tell me about your background (One of the most asked questions in HR Interview Questions)


What they want to know?

The HR interview is completely different from the other interviews and the start of the HR interview is also different. Here the hiring manager wants you to define yourself or define your background.  Indeed, the purpose of the question is to ask about your qualifications, your previous job, what you were doing earlier, etc. This is the way they can know about you and they can judge you on the phone interview.




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To answer this question you should try to consume the time and try to answer all the questions with detail. You should also try to answer the questions with truth and try not to put any fake things in the interview. The interview is the first step to enter in any company and if you can answer this question very well then they can go to other questions.


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Q2) Describe yourself 

What they want to know

This is one of the important part of HR Interview Questions. If you read this question then you will easily understand that this question is very simple and you can easily answer these questions but this question is not similar to other questions. In this question, the hiring manager would prefer to know about your skills and other interest, he is not interested in your jobs or educational background. Try to convince him of your skills and other curriculum activities. If you are thinking about why they are asking these questions then they want to hire the person with the best ability to solve the problem


You can simply answer this question by explaining your skills and how can manage the things and also you can be told about your problem-solving skills to the hiring manager.


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Q3) why you are applying for this position? 

What they want to know?

This is also the most common question that every company asked to the candidates before hiring them. The purpose of this question is to check whether the person knows about the job or not, they also check that the person is serious about the job or not. The hiring manager prefers to know about the job description and they also want to know about the company and why you are interested in the company.


You can simply answer this question with like this that “I was working in different companies and I want to make sure you that the person you are looking for is me because I have all the skills and qualifications that you have mentioned in your job description.”

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Q4) Why do you want this job?

What they want to know?

The hiring manager always asks this question to the candidates to know about the worth of the job but make sure that you must be positive in answering this question and don’t be negative about your previous job.


I am working in this company to polish my skills and I want to grow further but the main purpose to switch to your company is the better opportunity and I want to get the best possible situation to work in the bigger and better company that can able to give me enough experience to handle the situation.


Q5) Tell me what you know about the role?

What they want to know?

The hiring manager can ask you this question on a phone interview just to check whether you have to check the job description or not.


I was reading the job description and I find out that you are looking for the PHP developer that will easily work in a group for the betterment of the company.

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Q6) Why do you want to work here?

What they want to know?

This is the frequently asked question by the hiring manager because based on this they judge that you have known about the company or not. To answer this question you can simply visit the website of the company and try to check the recent activities of the company to answer the question.


After completing my degree, I want to join the company that does not only give the job of the software developer but they also give me the chance to grow in the company. The purpose of applying in this company is because of the company’s environment and their treatment with their employees


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