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Starting a Personal Training Career in Dubai – How to Make a CV for Your First Job

If you are ready to take the plunge and change careers, becoming a personal trainer will present you with numerous opportunities for growth in many spheres of life. Moreover, Dubai is one of the most attractive places for job seekers worldwide, and the fitness industry here is booming. But, however appealing this may sound, starting a personal training career in Dubai will require you to do your due diligence. You will need to have a solid career plan and figure out how to distinguish yourself in this competitive field. Below, you will find helpful information on making the first step in the exciting world of personal training in Dubai, along with practical tips on how to make a CV and lend your first job with success.

Starting a Personal Training Career in Dubai

What will you need for starting a personal training career in Dubai?

Closely linked to the economic power of the emirate, the Dubai job market is constantly evolving. There are many job opportunities in diverse fields. So, finding your dream job in Golden City might be a possibility that you cannot get anywhere else. However, you should be aware that this is what brings in intense competition in every field.

To start a career in the fitness industry, you will need to secure your solid grounds first. If you wonder how, low and behold, you will need to get adequate qualifications. A chiseled six-pack sure is one way to attract the curiosity of clients. But, in itself will not take you too far on your professional path.

The minimum requirement for entry-level personal fitness instructors in Dubai is the Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training. You can earn the necessary certification through a part-time course requiring your dedication on a number of weekends. After successfully completing this training, you will gain your professional qualifications enabling you to work as a personal trainer on a freelance basis or in a gym.

The next step is to submit your application to the UAE’s Register of Exercise Professionals, or REPs UAE for short. Hence, being listed in this register is an attestation of professionalism and a vital step that will enable you to establish a reputable and solid personal training career in Dubai.

Networking and hunting for your first personal training job:

Once you have achieved your professional qualifications and sorted the admin part, you are ready to start hunting for your first job as a fitness professional. While having your vocational skills certified is a huge advantage, landing your first job might be challenging.

In Dubai, many job posts are filled in via the word-of-mouth method. Hence, be proactive and get involved in the local fitness community. So, connect with people pursuing the same professional aspirations as yourself. Attending fitness industry events is a great way to meet like-minded people and get a lot of helpful information. Also, check relevant sources and platforms such as Dubai Personal Trainers and commit to learning the ropes of this business.

To set yourself up for a successful and fulfilling career in the fitness world, you will have to commit to getting better and honing your skills. Thus, getting your first client can be nerve-wracking, but remember that you will have to start somewhere. So, remain confident, and bear in mind that the first step is always the biggest challenge. Focus on upskilling yourself and clarifying your niche. It is best to look for your first job in a gym and take your further steps from there.

How to make a CV for your first personal training job in Dubai?

The importance of a good CV is undeniable – it can make or break a job opportunity. Starting a career as a personal fitness trainer in Dubai is an exciting and promising prospect. However, you will have to invest your focus and your time into building yourself as a brand. When looking for your first job as a personal trainer, do thorough research on effective resume writing tips to help you create an attractive curriculum. Also, you can consider asking for help to create an appealing account that will capture the interest of your potential employer.

As an entrance-level personal trainer, you do not have ample experience to potentiate your outlook on getting a job. However, you certainly have the aforementioned professional qualifications and a good range of soft skills you could and should accentuate.

What should you include on your resume?

For your convenience, here is a brief summary of how the CV for your first job as a personal trainer in Dubai should look like:

  • First comes the header. In the opening section of your resume, write your full name, phone number, email address, and other relevant personal information. Use 16 to 18-point font here, and type the rest of your CV in smaller font, like 12 to 14-point. It is crucial to make this part stand out and ensure all information is correct, as your future employer will use this to contact you.
  • This should give the hiring manager a clear picture of who you are professionally. It should be 2 to 3 sentences long, and you should hone these to perfection. This part usually makes the first impression, and it is decisive if your resume will be further reviewed or set aside for another occasion. So, compose your objective with utter diligence, as it may be the very reason you get hired.
  • Highlight your credentials. Here you should list your professional qualifications for a personal trainer. Also, include your previous education and other certifications you may have.
  • Work experience. Since you are starting a personal training career in Dubai, at this point, you cannot afford to make this section the strongest suit on your CV. But you certainly can relate your previous job experiences to the needs of clients you intend to work with. Hence, be creative, and turn any job experience you have to your advantage.
  • Include the hobbies and activities section. In various other industries, this section is entirely optional. However, when hunting for your first job, you can benefit from it greatly. Here you can list the things you enjoy doing and create a clear picture of yourself as a passionate athlete, for instance.

How to market yourself as a personal trainer in Dubai?

The fitness industry is a very image-conscious field. As a personal trainer, your physique is your business card. Hence, make good use of social media platforms, particularly Instagram. Starting a personal training career in Dubai and rolling it with success is a matter of promoting your image and brand. After all, your future clients are looking for inspiration and a role model. This is what will keep them on track with their fitness goals.

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