Architect Jobs in Dubai

If you are in Dubai or considering moving to Dubai, having an architect job is also a very viable option. However, that is given only if you have the necessary skills to be an architect. If you look at Dubai, you will understand why architects are needed a lot there. This job has prestige and eminence.

Architect Jobs in Dubai:

Architecture was not a prestigious profession in Dubai until the Late 1970’s before the construction of world trade center. Since then, the profession of an architect is booming and growing exponentially, one of its chief examples in the Burj Khalifa erected there, the tallest building in the world.

Important Facts about the Job:
Some interesting facts and benefits of the job include:

  • The average salary of an architect in Dubai is about $35000 per month.
  • Architect jobs in Dubai are extremely stable and long-lasting.
  • The potential to grow as an architect in Dubai is immense.

Current Situation of the Job:
To be an architect in Dubai you need to have some qualifications and important skills. Most importantly, you need a university degree in architecture, and if you are at the graduate level it would be even better. Moreover, the university you studied in either must be a reputed one, or you must have some substantial achievements under your name, to prove your credibility.

If you can see the infrastructure of Dubai and how fast it is expanding, it is obvious that a lot of architects are required, and are provided well-paying jobs. Thus, competition is tough. But once you get a job, you can expect stability and prosperity in life.

If you think you have the necessary qualifications and aspirations, you should apply for architect jobs in Dubai as soon as possible.

Architect Jobs in Dubai (new openings)

Required for an MEP / Fit-out Company

1) Architect (SOE card holder)
2) Electricians
3) GYPSUM Painters
4) CCTV / IT Technicians
5) Driver

Send CV Email: [email protected]
Job Publishing Date: 01 September 2021


Sector: Ras Al Khaimah municipality
: working in consulting offices (5 Years)
Knowledge: Able to deal with all local departments

Call: 050-6273690
Send CV Email: [email protected]

Job Publishing Date: 18th August 2021


Experience: 5 years Dubai experience,
Sector: required for a consultant office.
Work: presentation & working drawings ability

Send CV Email: [email protected]
Job Publishing Date: 18th August 2021

Architectural & Engineering Job Career in UAE (5 Nos.)

1) Architectural Facade Designer
Experience: Min. 6 years

2) Draftsman
Experience: Min. 4 years

3) Project Manager
Experience: Min. 10 year’s

4) Q/C Engineer
Experience: Min. 10 years

5) Production Engineer
Experience: Min. 10 years

Send CV Email: [email protected]
Job Publishing Date: 27th July 2021

AutoCAD Draughtsman

Sector: interior fit-out company
Experience:  joinery and metal works preferred.

Send CV Email: [email protected]

Job Publishing Date: 12th July 2021

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