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How to Respond to an Interview Request

How to Respond to an Interview Request

When you receive an interview request, it’s important to send a prompt response. You want the interviewer to know that you’re interested in the position and are excited about what the Company has to offer. Today I will teach you how to respond to an interview request and handle any questions. So let’s start and learn how to reply to shortlisted email.

Why Is A Response Important?

If you don’t respond to the interview request, the interviewer may perceive that you are not interested in the position. This may lead them to make a less favorable decision to not hire you and instead hire someone else from their current pool of candidates.

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How To Respond To An Interview Request?

When you receive an interview request, the first thing you should do is look at the date of the email. If it was sent a while ago and you have not yet responded, you should respond as soon as possible. 

  • Reply Quickly

You should respond to the interviewer within 24 hours to the day of receiving their email. This will show that you care and are eager for their request. If you do not receive a response within 2-3 days, do not contact them again. You just need to ensure that a quick response is given for them to understand when you personally received it and when they sent it out.

  • Thank For the Opportunity

If an interview request was sent by an individual, thank them for taking time out of their busy schedule to interview any potential candidates. If it was sent by H.R. or another department, politely thank that individual and let your interviewer know that they have been notified of your interest in their position.

  • Prepare What You’ll reply

You should prepare your response by backing up all the information you will include in your email. This will help ensure that you don’t leave out any important details they may have included in their request. Please do so if you have not read the job description before sending your response.

  • Ask Relevant Questions

Ask them if they would like to discuss the details of the position in more detail at any time. Or, if you would like to ask them any other questions about the job or Company, please feel free to do so. When asking follow-up questions, make sure not to be too pushy or jumpy when asking questions. 

  • Proofread Carefully

If you need to ask your interviewer any additional questions, go back to the procedure and read it carefully. Make sure your question has been asked already in case you missed something.

  • Follow The Guidelines

If you are going to include a photo of yourself, make sure it is at least 740 pixels wide. Don’t send photos under this size, as it will look very pixelated, and the interviewer will be unable to make out what you are saying. It’s best to refer to the guidelines on their website if you want to find out what these standards are. 

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Final Words

In this response, you want to be very specific in what they want to see. If you do not include all the details they asked for, they may wonder why you are not following through with their request. Be sure to ask them if you can have the job before sending any further information or questions. Hope You know now how to respond to an interview request. Hopefully it has cleared you idea related how to respond via email for an invite to interview. For more blog articles keep visiting