Company Name Al Shirawi Facilities Management
Jobs Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Salary 3,000 to 15,000 Dirhams
Qualification Degree/Diploma
Benefits Provided
Posted Date 3rd May 2024

Al Shirawi Careers 

Al Shirawi Careers – Latest Jobs Updates

Al Shirawi is a successful mechanical engineering contraction company where many different jobs are available for everyone. It has expanded itself in almost every field of engineering, so the scope of jobs is getting higher and higher day by day. The most popular jobs at al Shirawi group job vacancies which are offered are discussed here. This will be your complete guide on all the al Shirawi Dubai job vacancies and what are the working requirements. List of jobs that al Shirawi usually publish are as follows:

Helpers: A helper is a person who will go with an engineer at the work site. He will need to carry some stuff for the engineer sometimes and he will assist head engineer in his work.

Electrician: As the name refers, electrician will be required in case of any mishap happening regarding the electrical connections or anything related.

Plumber: Plumbers are required to take care of plumbing jobs like keeping track of taps and other things related to their field.

Motor winder: As Al Shirawi group job vacancies are from the engineering organization and the organization is major in mechanical engineering this means that there will be a lot of work regarding the motor and their stuff. Motor winder professionals are required to professionally wind the motor with the new winding if case the old one stops working.

HVAC technicians: HVAC technicians are working to get things done regarding the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. A qualified professional install, maintains and repairs the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system which will control the air quality and temperature in buildings where this system in installed.

Multi skilled MEP technician: This person has to meet the requirement of being fully skilled in the fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering at the same time. Sometimes there is the need to install a project that requires the expertise of both electrical and mechanical engineers. But the labor requires is not more than one person. In this case multi skilled MEP technician is required. As he has the knowledge and skill of both mechanical and electrical engineering, he is alone sufficient for doing those kinds of tasks.

Multi skilled civil technician: Just like the MEP multi skilled electrical and mechanical technician, multi skilled civil technician is the person with the complete skills and knowledge of civil engineer ing technology but with it, he also has the information about some other engineering fields which makes him stand alone whenever some small job of some other field is required.

MEP technician: When dealing with a system maintenance task, MEP technicians are capable of dealing with stuff related to electrical engineering technology and mechanical engineering technology. Their main work is to have the knowledge of the instruments and tools which will help them in doing their tasks in a more efficient manner.

Assistant HVAC technician: As the name refers, the assistant HVAC technician works in collaboration with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning technician. He helps the technician in the tasks. Usually works as a helper but he or she has a lot more information and skill about their job as compared to the helper. An assistant technician is very useful to have as in some circumstances a full technician is not required according to the nature of job so you can take an assistant technician with you for the tasks.

You can apply for these job applications. The things that you will need to take care of will be the eligibility criteria for Al Shirawi job vacancies. These Al Shirawi careers are for the skilled and the ones with complete knowledge of what they are doing. Al Shirawi job vacancies are for Dubai so you can search Al Shirawi Dubai job vacancies to know more about these Al Shirawi careers. If you are not eligible for the Al Shirawi careers then you should not apply and waste Al Shirawi job vacancies for others as limited vacancies are available.

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