Name of the Hospital  Al Zahra Hospital
Location Dubai
Experience Mandatory
Qualification Degree/Diploma (Related)
Salary AED 7k to 20k Depends on position
Benefits Provided
Jobs Posting Date 23rd Jan, 2021

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai Careers

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai Careers

Al Zahra Hospital is one of the biggest private general hospitals in UAE. Serving over 400,000 outpatients and 23,000 inpatients on an annual basis, the hospital holds records in terms of revenue. By the year of 2015, the hospital had a collective revenue of $130.4 million with a net income somewhere around $38.8 million.

The birth of Al Zahra hospitals
Al Zahra hospital was intended to be a hotel in 1975, but quickly changed to become a hospital. By 1981, the hospital was up and running, with hundreds of patients in the first year. By March 2017, it was acquired by NCM Healthcare for $560 million.

Currently, the hospital employs over 170 doctors and over 1080 other employee staff. Al Zahra Hospital also received a handful of rewards, with the most recent ones being three awards for quality healthcare solutions to its patients.

Why would you want to work at Al Zahra Hospital?
Al Zahra Hospital Dubai Careers are some of the most sought-after jobs in Dubai. Here are some of the reasons why:

Great growth opportunities: As both a doctor and a staff member, the hospital has great growth opportunities for anyone looking to pursue Al Zahra Hospital Dubai jobs.

Follows core values: Al Zahra Hospital Dubai follows 6 core values of Respect, Excellence, Safe delivery, Understanding responsibilities, Learning environment, and Teamwork. They are keen to provide RESULTs.

Good work-life balance: AL Zahra Hospital Dubai careers are often sought after because of their good work-life balance. Employees can move their schedules if someone is willing to fill in for them.

Result-oriented: The company is result oriented, and features a competitive work environment where the lives of patients are always the top priority.

If someone is looking for jobs in Dubai, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai jobs are a great window if they are willing to learn.

Latest Careers in Al Zahra Hospital (newly updated)

Job TitleCity
Registered Nurse - Operation TheatreDubai
Medical Records Manager
Registered Nurse – Operation Theatre
Oncology Specialist
Oral& Maxillofacial Surgeon
Anesthesia Technician

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