Name of the School Bright Riders School
Location of Job Abu Dhabi, UAE
Gender Male/Female
Salary Range Depends on position
Benefits Basic Benefits
Job updating Date 9th April 2024

bright riders school careers

Bright Riders School Careers

Bright rider’s school- Career Opportunity for the qualified Individuals. Bright rider school is a good opportunity for children of the Abu Dhabi as it provides the education of the international standard.

This Platform offers the job opportunities to the graduates of the various fields. The most desirable fields of the study, this school is looking for, includes the following categories. So, you can apply to make your Bright rider school career.

Kindergarten teachers:
Jobs Bright rider school are open throughout the year. Kindergarten education makes the foundation of the education system of the children. Dealing with the tantrums and day to day issues of the young children requires a specific temperament and caliber of the teacher. So, the teachers which hold the previous experience in this domain are also welcomed to join in. Other than that, the thing which counts the most, is the understanding of the psychology of the young children.

Maths and accounting:
Mathematics is the one of the important sciences. Gaining grip on this field in the school time helps students to pursue maths and accounting in their future as well. So, People who have done masters in mathematics or have studied accounting are at advantage of applying in the Bright rider school career.

Science and social studies:
Social studies and sciences like biology, physics and chemistry are also very crucial in the education of the student. This is the time, when student develops interest in the specific field of the science or social studies and it decides the future way of the education of the student. For applying the job in these studies, trained post graduate teachers, who have completed their graduation in the respective sciences are eligible and can apply for the Jobs Bright rider school.

Arabic teachers:
Arabic is the official language. So learning this language is very important for maintenance of the legacy of the country. So, teachers who want to apply for teaching Arabic, should at least be graduate in the Arabic language. You can submit your resume at Jobs Bright rider school application online. 

Music teachers:
Fun time is also very important for balancing the strenuous studies of the school. Other than that music class also helps students to develop the social bond with each other and helps in their mental growth. This helps them in becoming more tolerant.Teachers having knowledge of the both Indian classical music and western music are needed to be applied for this job.

Islamic studies teacher:
Islamic studies are very crucial to learn for any student. So, all those teachers who want to apply as teacher for Islamic studies should have graduation in the Islamic studies. They should also have approval from the ADEC(Abu Dhabi education council). Candidates can apply at Jobs Bright riders school application online.

Psychology teachers:
Teachers, who want to be appointed in the field of the psychology, should have education in the field of the psychology. Graduation in psychology makes them eligible for qualifying in this category of the job. Education in psychology also helps teachers in understanding the issues of the children more deeply and they can come up with the better solutions for the issues of the children.

The Bright rider school also gives the good career opportunities to the educated people of the emirates, as it not only provides the good salary package but also gives a good professional exposure and environment to its employees.

Bright Riders School Careers (new updates)

Job TitleJob Location
English Teacher for Primary GradesDubai
Science Teacher for Primary GradesDubai
Kindergarten Teacher for EYFS CurriculumDubai
Arabic B Teacher for Primary GradesDubai
English Teacher for Middle and Secondary SchoolDubai
Science Teacher for Primary GradesDubai
Mathematics Teacher for Primary GradesDubai

How to Apply?

If you want to be the part of Bright Riders School feel free to send your resume with job title to the following email addresses:


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