Housemaid jobs in Dubai

Housemaid Jobs in Dubai

Most of the native families of Dubai love to have a luxurious lifestyle. For this, they hire a lot of workers for dealing with different tasks of their place. To manage their employees a housemaid is required. This person is said to be the head of all the workers that have to manage the tasks and workers.

Who can apply for the Housemaid jobs in Dubai?

  • Individuals are preferred to have a diploma or bachelor’s degree.
  • Individuals must be physically, medically, and mentally fit.
  • Individuals must have stamina and skills for day to day task management.

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The amazing benefits of getting Housemaid jobs in Dubai:

Some of the most amazing benefits of the housemaid jobs in Dubai are discussed here.

  • Paid training:
    Most of the employers require perfection in the work of their employees. For this training is needed. If you get the job of the housemaid, you will also have to undergo this special training. Unlike other skills where training requires you to pay, this training will get you paid which is a great thing about this job.
  • Paid sick leave:
    If you are employed as a housemaid somewhere, you can get paid sick leave. For this, you will just have to be loyal and provide your medical certificates about the illness. If you fulfill the requirements of the paid sick leave, then you will get it.
  • Active daily routine:
    With the work of managing the daily tasks and the employees working under you as well, there will be a lot of activity. This will keep you healthy for life and you will also stay safe from getting different diseases that are caused because of being stationary for a long time.
  • Competitive pay:
    The jobs of housemaids in Dubai are great paying jobs considering the amount of work required to do.

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Becoming a housemaid is something anyone can do. Although the requirements are not great, a great amount of enthusiasm is required to become a housemaid. You can apply for this job if you think you have it in you.

Housemaid Vacancies in Dubai (new openings)

Required Housemaid (1.Nos)

Sector: Family in Marina
Location: Dubai
Requirements: English speaking
Joining: immediately

Please contact: 045575771
Job Publishing Date: 17th November 2020

Housemaid (1.Nos)

Sector: Small Family (Dubai)
Gender: Filipino Lady (Fresh)

Send Resume at Email:
Call on #00971557923400.
Job Publishing date: 6th November 2020

Maid (Part-time)

Sector: Small family (Malayali)
Location: Abu Dhabi
Street: Electra Street
Duty Hours: 7 hrs. /6 days a week

Contact on: 0097155710566
Job Publishing date: 4th, November 2020

Housemaid (Part-time / Full-time)

Sector: Keralite family
Gender: Female
Location: Abu Dhabi
Benefits: Visa will be provided

Interested candidates may call: #00971507060727
Job Publishing date: 2nd, November 2020

Need Driver & Housemaid

1. Female Driver
Gender: Filipina
Experience: 3 years (UAE)
Monthly Salary: 2500 Dirham
Benefits: Food and accommodation

2. Housemaid / Cook
Gender: Filipina
Experience: 5 years (UAE)
Monthly Salary: 1500 Dirham
Benefits: Food & accommodation.

Kindly Contact on # 00971555338633
Job Publishing date: 30th October 2020

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