Jafza Careers

Jafza Careers

Jafza is part of UAE`s business hub. This has evolved as a community that offers growth opportunities to the growing businesses along with market access like never before.

Jafza: Company background and history

Jafza was founded in 1985 where it provided the opportunity for the growth of different businesses by providing office units and warehouses to different customers. With time, their services were increasing and in 1991 they started to provide their services for industrial units.

This is the world’s biggest free zone as it is helping the economy of Dubai to grow. At present they have employed over 100000 people.


The jobs offered by Jafza careers are mostly related to the markets, so more qualifications are required. There is a big need for good skills as well. This is the reason this is the best opportunity for the experienced workers


In addition to the experienced workers, the newcomers can also apply for the Jafza careers and jobs as they can get their skills polished by working here. The need of having good skills in the management of different kinds of daily events is more than the need for qualification.

But to get the jobs in Dubai, you need to be qualified because there is a good competition between the employees.

Benefits of Jafza Jobs:

Just like all other kinds of jobs, these jobs in Dubai also have many benefits with them. Some of those are discussed below:

  • Free service certificate for employees after leaving the job.
  • For the employees working for more than a year, they get a gratuity amount on termination.
  • Well-paying salary packages.
  • The compensation amount is given to the employees regarding the wage mentioned in the agreement.
  • When the employee agreement expires, the employee gets free airfare to home.

All these benefits of the jobs in Dubai make the Jafza careers Dubai very attractive.

Jafza Careers (new openings)

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Logistics Coordinator (JAFZA, Documentation)DubaiApply Now
Logistics Coordinator (JAFZA, Documentation)DubaiApply Now