Dubai is a major tourist attraction and to maintain this standard there are various resorts and hotels along the shoreline. Thus, authorities have to assure that their guests and teams are safe in the water due to which they hire lifeguards. There are many lifeguard jobs in Dubai that you should not miss.

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lifeguard jobs in Dubai

Who can get a lifeguard job?

Anyone with the swimming skill can easily get lifeguard jobs in Dubai. There are no special qualifications required for this job. applicants have to assure that they know how to swim as well as give basic life support and first aid to individuals in an emergency before medical help can arrive.

Some authorities may ask you to provide certification that you have basic life support training or not. Moreover, your swimming and communication skills will be tested for this job.

Specifications of a lifeguard job:

The lifeguard jobs in Dubai are not as easy as it seems. There are various responsibilities of a lifeguard and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Maintain a proper checklist of all the documents related to lifeguard administration.
  • Should be able to attend emergency drills. Lifeguards should always be available to handle any emergency situation.
  • Ensure that all safety and life-saving equipment is available and in working condition.
  • Should be able to maintain and upgrade lifesaving equipment in the given budget.
  • Apart from a great swimmer he should be good at communicating with people.
  • Take care of the pool chemicals and maintain a healthy environment in the pool.

Are there jobs available in Dubai?

There are many private, public, and government sectors that are offering the jobs of a lifeguard in Dubai. Lookout for the jobs and find the ones that require the certification and experience that you have and apply as soon as possible.

Lifeguard Job Careers in Dubai (New updates)

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