Name of the Company  Royal Catering (Catering & Hospitality Service Providers)
City Abu Dhabi
Education Equivalent Degree/Diploma
Required Experience minimum 2 years
Salary Range As per UAE Labors’ law
Language Required English
Jobs Posting Date 18th May 2024

royal catering careers - Jobs in royal catering abu dhabi

Jobs in Royal Catering Service

Looking for jobs in royal catering service in Abu Dhabi? If you have got some of the catering job skills, then you must be looking to applying somewhere professional and royal catering careers may be the answer to all your questions. Here you can get jobs from the upper most level to the lowest levels all depending upon the services that you will be providing along with your past experiences and qualifications. Here we will discuss almost every job which you can apply for at royal catering.

  • Project manager
  • Restaurant supervisor
  • Requirement coordinator
  • Staff physician
  • Catering operation manager
  • Catering supervisor
  • Soft services manager

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Project manager: As their name refers, project managers are responsible for the success of the specific project. they have to do all of the initiation, planning, design, execution monitoring, controlling and closure of a specific project. if you are in search if royal catering job, then you can apply for this post.

Restaurant supervisors: Their job is to do the supervision of the whole restaurant. They make personal interactions whit all the employees working at that place and review the separate performance of each employee. They are also responsible for hiring all new employees. In short, we can say that restaurant supervisors can be the backbone of the success of any restaurant.

Requirement coordinators: Their job is to make coordination between all the employees working. As anything to be successful, coordination is the most important thing to achieve and they are the cause of all the coordination happening. Royal catering interview is also required for you to be selected on the royal catering job on a good royal catering salary package.

Staff physician: A staff physician is a technical part of any team. He has special skills in dealing with the unpleasant environmental conditions. A staff physician is capable of giving first aid to the team members. He is also responsible for treating them with allergies. For this job a special education is requires along with experience. Which may make this a very good royal catering salary package job.

Catering operation manager: In Royal Catering they are responsible for leading the teams of chefs and catering assistants on any event. The quality of production is their main goal. For this they are hired in restaurants and hotels. Catering operation managers make sure that their outlets are performing well under every type of circumstances. You can apply for royal catering jobs in UAE in order to be selected after a royal catering interview.

Catering supervisor: If you are looking for Royal Catering Careers, then you should know that the catering supervisor is working on the betterment of materialistic things which will add little details to their services. They work on client interaction, preparing menus and checking for the quality and presentation of foods. For this post, you may get a reasonable royal catering salary if you are selected.

Soft services managers: This person is responsible for maintaining the soft services of any organization like custodial duties, pest control and maintenance. Their job seem like there is not much effort to put and there are not more responsibilities, But you will b amused to know that for this job, the amount of hard work that you have to put is in same as the managers or the chefs because at sometimes, the whole reputation of the catering event is up to your work.

For making things clearer, we can say that these were some of the best royal catering jobs which you can get here at royal catering. Other than these there are simplest jobs which includes the royal catering interview for hiring general staff. The general staff includes people who work on the lowest levels like the guards, cleaners and dish washers/ waiters. Here at royal catering, you can apply for jobs if you are a resident of UAE.

Otherwise, you will have to follow some rules and check for the other requirements to know if you are eligible fort the jobs.

Royal Catering Careers Abu Dhabi (new openings)

Job TitleLocation (City)
Sushi MakerAbu Dhabi
Heavy Vehicle DriverAbu Dhabi
Chef de Partie – Arabic Section (Khaleej Food)Abu Dhabi
Housekeeping Supervisor – FemaleAbu Dhabi
Kitchen TechnicianAbu Dhabi
VIP Hostess – FemaleAbu Dhabi
ReceptionistAbu Dhabi

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