Sharjah Indian School Vacancies for Teachers and other Staff

If you want to get the Sharjah Indian School job vacancies then there can be a lot of other opportunities which you can find too other than just jobs as teachers in Sharjah Indian School. For building a successful career you can get a better start from school jobs with ease. It is because here you can get a fine salary package with ease.


Sharjah Indian School Careers


Current Vacancies in the School:

2Assistant Teacher
3Special Educator


Vacancies which you can find in Sharjah Indian School:

Do you want to know about the Sharjah Indian school careers which you can work on? Here is the list of your benefits.

1) Primary Teacher:

The role of this person would be to teach the primary portion of the school. A person with at least 2 years of primary teaching experience and holding a Masters’ degree in any subject will be preferred for this post.

2) Special Educator:

The role of the helper is to work as a shadow of a teacher to assist the children in the best possible way. A person with a minimum of 2 years of experience would be preferred for this job.

3) Teacher Assistant:

A person with the degree of Masters in psychology, B.Ed degree in special education or Masters in social work and having experience of 5 years in the same field would be preferable for this job. It is one of the best Sharjah Indian school vacancies.

4) School medical staff:

School doctor and school nurse can also be a better opportunity to avail. Any professional and certified nurse or doctor can apply for this opportunity.

5) Quality controller:

The role of this job is to control the quality of teaching and standards of school in the best possible way. The person needs to regulate the quality of operations in the best possible way.

These are some of Sharjah Indian school vacancies that can be the best for you to apply in for better benefits.


Apply method:

Please send your CV to the following email address:

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