Teacher assistant Jobs in Dubai & UAE

Teacher assistant Jobs in Dubai & UAE

Teachers give students a direction and teach them many things other than just the subjects that they have to study. It is a very hectic job and that is why teachers also need help to manage all their tasks and duties. Many teachers are looking for qualified and reliable teacher assistant who can help them with this important task.

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Specifications of teacher assistant

Just like a teacher, a teacher assistant has some important duties that they have to fulfill. Some of the important tasks that they have to take care of are.

  • An assistant has to help the teacher in many tasks like checking the work and tests of students and grading them according to the instructions given by teachers.
  • They can work as a substitute teacher when the teacher is on a holiday to assure that students will get their education.
  • They help teachers with the creation of tests, exams, and other similar duties.
  • Commonly an assistant will share the burden of the teachers.

Is it a good-paying job?

A teacher assistant is a decent paying job. Depending on the school, college, or university you are working for the salary package and duties of the assistant will differ. However, there are some additional benefits that most of the assistants will get while working for teachers.

Are there chances of growth available?

Being a teacher assistant will bring many amazing benefits to the assistant. There are chances of growth and you can learn many new things. It is easier to get promoted to the level of a teacher once you get the required qualification because you are already working for the organization.

There are other benefits as well like accommodation, medical insurance, chances to study further at a scholarship, and various other perks. So, make sure that you apply for the best job.

How to Apply?

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