Government jobs in UAE - Government Careers in UAE

Working as a government employee in Dubai comes with various advantages. There are great salary packages and some additional benefits that make it an ideal job for various. The government jobs in UAE are available in various fields and areas which makes it easier to apply. From federal to local government there are various vacancies that people need to look out for if they want to get the job they need.

Important statistics

Before applying for government jobs in UAE it is essential to know about the following statistics.

  • The Annual Economic Report of 2023 shows that the total number of workers in the UAE was 7.384 million in 2023.
  • In all government and economic sectors, the number of workforces reduced to 7.219 in 2023 from 7.241 in 2023. It shows that there was a 0.3% decline.
  • The unemployment rate decreased to 2.2% in 2023.  

Current situation of government jobs

The facts and figures show that the current situation of government jobs is good in Dubai because the employment rate is increasing. There are various new projects that the government is working on and that is why they are in search of skilled and talented employees who can accomplish the given tasks. It shows that it is the right time to apply for the jobs that are appropriate for your qualification.

Government job requirements

There is a misconception that getting government jobs is very difficult. The reality is that if people have the right qualifications, skills, and experience required for the post they can easily secure any government jobs in UAE that they want.

So, do not miss this opportunity and keep searching for the available jobs that are relatable according to your qualification. Follow the right process for applying and submit your documents at verified platforms to get selected.

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